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Aruana Seguradora: what does it offer?
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Aruana is an insurance company for people who think and care about the future, not only their own but that of the people around them.

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Their mission is to provide security in a transparent and agile way. Furthermore, they always seek to act with confidence and in their 17 years of operation they have been offering a quality service.

They have different types of insurance, including deductible, professional civil liability, group life, passenger personal accidents, collective personal accidents, residential, DPVAT and finally RCF-V.

Aruana Seguradora

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Find out more about Aruana Seguradora car insurance

Within the category of car insurance that Aruana Seguradora offers, we can find APP Insurance, Franchise Insurance, Optional Vehicle Civil Liability Insurance and finally DPVAT.


See more about each of them:

1. Safe APP

APP or passenger personal accident insurance is a way of ensuring greater peace of mind for those in a vehicle.

A means of security for both drivers and passengers, it will compensate these two people or the beneficiaries if something occurs within the insurance coverage.

This coverage includes accidental death, total or partial permanent disability due to an accident, medical, hospital and dental expenses, as well as funeral assistance and basic food baskets.


The daily rate for physical and temporary incapacity due to an accident, and the daily rate for hospitalization due to an accident will also be included in the coverage of your insurance policy.

It is aimed at private vehicles, app drivers, executive transport, urban transport buses, charters and others.

2. Excess Insurance

This insurance works as a complement to car insurance. This is because, with it, anyone who suffers an accident and has to pay a car deductible can have the full amount compensated by Aruana.

This happens when the repair cost is above what your franchise proposes, this way Aruana will help you avoid suffering the financial impacts that would be expected.


It’s a way to save money and the savings often exceed 50%. Weighing much less on your pocket and leaving you with peace of mind when dealing with unforeseen events that can happen on a daily basis.

The hiring and quoting process is generally very quick, in addition to being done completely online it also takes around 30 minutes.

3. RCF-V Insurance

Optional civil liability insurance for vehicles gives the insured person certainty that they will receive reimbursement for any compensation for which they are responsible.

This compensation may be caused by involuntary bodily or material damage to third parties. Mainly resulting from traffic accidents with the policy vehicle and another individual.


It is mainly aimed at private vehicles, freight transport drivers, app drivers, taxis or companies.

It is covered for bodily damage, material damage, 24-hour assistance and additional moral damage and criminal defense.

4. DPVAT Insurance

DPVAT insurance has a social function and, in general, every licensed car needs to pay. Thousands of people living in Brazil take advantage of this service.

Its function is to compensate victims of accidents caused by vehicles that have their own engine, that is, cars and motorcycles, excluding trains, aircraft, boats and bicycles.


However, this insurance does not cover theft, material damage, fire or collision.

The compensation awarded may be for DAMS (medical assistance and supplementary expenses) which will pay for physiotherapy, medicines and all hospital expenses.

Just as it can be permanent, total or partial disability with a medical certificate, this is clear when caused by an accident.

Another compensation is death compensation, which will occur in the event of death.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

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However, material damage, accidents outside Brazil, personal injuries resulting from ionizing radiation and fines and bonds related to criminal proceedings will not be covered.

These are all Aruana Seguradora's insurance policies that serve the automobile market. But besides these products you can find out about others.

They are Group Life for companies, Professional RC relating to the risk of professions, Residential to protect both home and assets and APC insurance to protect a company's employees.

There are several options to ensure greater peace of mind, security and practicality in the daily lives of all individuals. Talk to a broker and see your needs resolved.


Aruana Seguradora: what does it offer?

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Aruana Seguradora: what does it offer?


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Aruana Seguradora: what does it offer?

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