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5 situations that can be resolved with car insurance!
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Car insurance is essential to provide drivers with greater peace of mind, but not It is It is only for this reason that it is advantageous. In situations where you least expect it, your car can break down, cause problems or be stolen. This is where car insurance comes into play, to quickly resolve something that could cause a headache.

see how it works, advantages and more!

Having car insurance is full of advantages. Still, around 70% of Brazilian vehicles circulate without this protection.


Is this your case? So, you might want to consider hiring this care. To help you better understand the various benefits of the option, we have listed below some situations that can be resolved quickly with car insurance.

Without a doubt, the main benefit of car insurance is that, in case of problems, the consumer does not need to resolve them alone.

Instead, the insurance company can support you by offering emergency assistance or reimbursing you for your losses.

The type of protection that each user has varies according to the coverage contracted in the insurance.


Therefore, before signing your contract, make sure it includes all the necessary protections. Therefore, in the event of accidents, you can be reimbursed for the damage.

Furthermore, it is important to do a lot of research before contracting. Service costs vary greatly by insurer, especially because companies consider different issues to determine the risk of a claim.

For some, for example, the driver's age is a determining factor for more expensive insurance. For others, the fact that the car is parked on the street has a greater impact on the premium (cost) of the policy.

5 situations that can be resolved quickly with car insurance

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How does car insurance work?

As mentioned, car insurance coverage changes from insurer to insurer, and also according to what the consumer contracts. Many times, some coverages are considered unnecessary.

If you don't have a car stereo, for example, you won't need to purchase protection for this equipment. The number of coverages usually directly affects the cost of insurance.

In any case, accidents for which protections are contracted can occur in two ways: causing partial loss, or causing total loss.

A partial loss on auto insurance occurs when the vehicle is damaged but can still be repaired. These repairs must cost a maximum of 75% of the car's value.


Once this partial loss is noticed, the car is sent to the workshop. Payment is made by both the insurer and the consumer. The part the user is responsible for is called the deductible.

Imagine that your vehicle suffers a collision, and the repair will cost R$5,000.

Your insurance deductible is fixed and is R$1,500. This means that you will be responsible for paying R$1,500 to the workshop. The insurance company will pay the remaining R$3,500.

The deductible can also be a percentage, and is always defined in the insurance contract. It only needs to be paid in case of partial loss of the car.


A total loss occurs when the cost to repair the car is greater than 75% of its market value.

After a total loss, the user receives full compensation from their insurance, so they can purchase a new vehicle. Full compensation is also paid when the car is stolen or stolen, and not recovered by the police.

What situations can be resolved quickly with car insurance?

1. The unavailability of the vehicle, thanks to the Reservation Car

If your car is stolen or you need to go to the repair shop, there is no need to walk, relying on public transport or friends and relatives.

With just one phone call to the insurance company, it is possible to obtain the release of a spare car to be used for a few days.


This will also avoid having to contact several rental companies to research the price and find a more affordable one.

In addition to a free spare car for a few days, it is possible to find partnerships between the insurance company and the rental company, which guarantee discounts on vehicle rentals.

In other words: generally, the spare car is available to the consumer for between 7 and 30 days.

After the interval determined in the contract, the user can continue with the car for as long as they wish, but this time renting it. Thanks to the partnership between the insurance company and the rental company, he will probably be able to count on a discount.


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2. The impossibility of driving, with the help of a Friendly Driver

If you've had too much to drink and are in no condition to drive, there's no need to call your entire list of friends for someone to pick you up and take your car.

Some insurance companies offer a “friendly driver” service, in which you can ask a driver to take you and your car safely to your home.

In any case, you need to be aware of the limit on the number of times you can use the services. The locations served are also usually limited.

Also be sure that the option is available in your policy. It is not mandatory, and not all companies offer it.


3. Car problems, through the insurance company’s towing service

Imagine that your car breaks down in the middle of the street, and you need to call a tow truck because it won't move.

Hardly anyone carries a tow truck phone number with them — although this is a good option. Therefore, until you find one that can help you, and without charging an absurd amount, it can take hours.

Many car insurance policies, however, usually include a towing service.. So, whenever you need it, you can contact the insurance company and be helped in a short time. The tow truck will come to you and take your car to the nearest repair shop.

4. The unavailability of immediate transport

Imagine having your car stolen or having to wait for the vehicle to be repaired, which will only be ready the next day.


If the consumer does not have the means to take a taxi, as their documents and money were taken, they can rely on the insurance company. Policies often provide for transportation offered by the insurance.

In this situation, a car will take you to a nearby location, so that you can make all the necessary arrangements.

The same applies if you need to spend a night away, in a city other than your home, until the car is ready.

5. Refund in cases of robbery, theft or total loss

Being without a car can be a big problem for most people, who need it to get around.


In case of theft or theft, it's even worse, as the vehicle may not even be recovered. Without insurance, the user would suffer a huge loss.

When a total loss of the vehicle occurs, the insurance company has up to 30 days to reimburse the amount after the inspection. The same period applies to cases of theft.

Thus, within a month, it is possible to have the money on hand to buy a new car. This can be much faster than getting a credit release.

Now you know several situations that can be resolved quickly with car insurance. Get a quote, get the best service and avoid headaches with your vehicle!


5 situations that can be resolved with car insurance!

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5 situations that can be resolved with car insurance!


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5 situations that can be resolved with car insurance!

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