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Corinthians to Keep Star Striker Roger Guedes Despite Saudi Interest

Qualified for the semifinal of the 2023 Copa do Brasil, Corinthians does not intend to sell the top scorer, Roger Guedes, to Saudi clubs, which have expressed interest in him. The club values ​​the team’s player, and will consider his will in the negotiations. President Duílio Monteiro Alves promises special treatment and will make room for proposals. Corinthians does not want to lose the team’s top scorer, as it owns 40% of the player’s economic rights and, at this moment, Al-Nassr is at an advantage in the dispute for the player, with Luis Castro indicating him for the Saudi club.

The hiring of Roger Guedes by Corinthians

Days after announcing the signing of Róger Guedes in 2021, Duílio stated that Corinthians would be open to a conversation if there was an advantageous transfer in the future for the player. The club values ​​Guedes and promises to strive to keep him, as the striker’s contract with Corinthians runs until August 2025, and the club will be willing to listen to proposals, but it can also close the door to offers below the termination fine.


Upon leaving Shandong Taishan, Róger Guedes paid 700 thousand euros and gave up a high salary. Corinthians invested BRL 16.4 million for 40% of the striker’s economic rights. He turned down proposals greater than that of Corinthians in terms of salary and rights. In 2018, Shandong paid 9.5 million euros for Guedes. Despite being older, the player lives his best moment in his career.

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At the crucial moment of the season, with Guedes as a standout and top scorer in 2023, Corinthians have yet to receive formal offers. However, the club reaffirms its commitment to transparency and claims that it will respect the player’s wishes if there is a possibility of leaving.

Timão will only agree to negotiate the attacker for extremely high values. (Reproduction/Twitter/@_sccpnews)

millionaire saudi proposals

Guedes receives R$ 1 million per month at Corinthians, the second highest salary, behind only Yuri Alberto. This value is high by Brazilian standards, but attractive to the Saudis, who pay in dollars, worth almost five times more than the real. The club is also concerned about Guedes’ termination fine of 30 million euros (R$ 162 million). This amount is considered high in Brazil, but accessible to the Arabs, although lower than the first proposal discussed, around R$ 100 million. Timão’s president seeks to avoid the player’s departure, betting on a good relationship with Guedes’ manager. So far, only the player’s representative has been talking to the Arab teams, however, Corinthians has yet to receive an official offer. The investment fund that runs Al-Hilal and Al-Nassr intends to make an official offer under ideal conditions for the Brazilian club.

The Corinthians football department also counts on the collaboration of coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo to talk to the player and convince him that staying in Brazil will give him greater visibility. The coach believes he can boost the striker’s performance to the point of taking him to the Brazilian national team, which will be an important asset. Luxemburgo and Guedes have a solid relationship.


The club values ​​Guedes and promises to strive to keep him.

The club values ​​Guedes and promises to strive to keep him. (Photo: playback/Instagram/@rogerguedes23)

Róger Guedes will be suspended from the next game, against Bahia, on Saturday (22), for the Brasileirão, but he will return to the title on Tuesday (25), in the first semifinal of the Copa do Brasil, against São Paulo. And Saudi Arabia’s transfer window remains open until the end of September, so there is no rush to conclude negotiations.

Featured photo: Róger Guedes awakens interest in Saudi clubs. Playback/Instagram/@rogerguedes23


Corinthians to Keep Star Striker Roger Guedes Despite Saudi Interest

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