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Drake and Ye seem to have settled

Drake and Ye have been arguing for years, but that seems to have come to an end now. The rappers have met after Ye had made a call a week earlier to settle the quarrel.

At least since May 2009, there seems to be an infinity between Drake and Ye, who at the time still went through life as Kanye West.

The fight ran high in 2010 when Drake was seen with Amber Rose, Ye’s ex. Two months later, the part Drake had made for Ye’s song All of the Lights turned out not to have been used.


Drake and Ye seem to have settled

Ye made a call a week ago for Drake to perform together at a show in Los Angeles on December 9 to draw attention to the case of Larry Hoover.

The man has received a prison sentence of six times life imprisonment because he is suspected of membership in a so-called gang. Several well-known artists are committed to his freedom.

Ye has posted a picture on Instagram of himself, Drake and J Prince, using the icon of a dove of peace. Drake shared a video in which he can be seen with Ye. Whether the two actually talked about what happened all these years is not known.

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