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FIFA offside rule –

FIFA offside rule slightly adjusted just before the start of the season, Referees of matches in professional football will have to deal with new regulations for offside next season, just like their foreign colleagues. If a player accidentally changes direction of an opponent’s ball, he does not lift offside like the past football year.

fifa offside rules 2022

The KNVB, like all other national football associations, was only informed by FIFA about the new measure last Wednesday. That was remarkably late, because, for example, the Belgian football competition had already started, just like the preliminary rounds for European cup tournaments.

The immediate reason for the new regulations is the way in which france’s winning goal in the final against Spain (2-1) to win the Nations League last October came about.

Kylian Mbappé was offside when his teammate Theo Hernández tried to reach him. Mbappé finally got the ball in front of the feet after a failed interception by the Spaniard Eric García. Therefore, his hit was approved.


football offside rules fifa

According to the old rules, García created a new game situation and there was no longer any question of offside. “Such a goal is disapproved with the new regulations this season,” reports coordinator referee affairs Dick van Egmond of the KNVB. “García had no control over the ball when he accidentally played Mbappé.”

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No semi-automatic offside technology in Eredivisie yet

  • Eredivisie referees will not get any help from semi-automatic offside technology in the coming season. “That new system is quite expensive,” says coordinator of referee affairs Dick van Egmond of the KNVB. “You are soon talking about an amount of 6 to 8 million euros. It can certainly be something for the future. Now we also take some time to see how it will all work.” At the World Cup, among other things, the system is used.

Rule change will not be very noticeable

Van Egmond acknowledges that it is sometimes quite difficult to determine when a player accidentally plays an opponent in an offside position or that he just makes a stupid mistake and there is ignorance.

“You have a grey area. So you can interpret things differently,” he says. “Arbitrators, video referees and also journalists and commentators will not always agree with each other. But that happens more often.”

Van Egmond does not expect the new regulations to stand out in practice. “I think on average it’s one or one and a half game situations in a weekend.”



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