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Four Brazilians advance in the WSL men's category
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After four days of bad weather and no surfing conditions, the fifth stage of the WSL restarted this Sunday (14). The women's category, which had started on Wednesday (10) with the opening round, ended the repechage, while the men's category began with the opening round.

Margaret River

On the women's side, Tati Weston-Webb from Porto Alegre finished second in the sixth heat, with a score of 9.56 and advanced to the round of 16. Meanwhile, Luana Silva, who competed in the first heat, scored just 8.67 points, finishing third and falling to the repechage.

In the repechage, concluded this Sunday, the Brazilian improved her score compared to the beginning of the event, adding 11.83 points, however, she was unable to overcome Costa Rica's Brisa Hennessy or Australia's India Robinson and ended up eliminated.


In the round of 16, Tatiana Weston-Webb will face Australian Tyler Wright, in the sixth heat. In direct confrontation the score is 8-2 for Tyler Wright, winning the last three times they faced each other, including the semifinal in Portugal this year.

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In the men's category, four Brazilians managed to win their heats in the first round and have already advanced to the round of 32. Gabriel Medina, in the second heat; Italo Ferreira, in the seventh; Caio Ibelli, in eighth and Samuel Pupo, in eleventh. They are now awaiting the results of the repechage to find out who they will face in the next phase.

Italo's best wave in the first phase (Reproduction/X/WSL Brasil)

In the repechage, the clashes already defined, should take place on Monday night (15). Miguel Pupo, who lost to Leo Fioravanti and Liam O'Brien, will face Barron Mamiya and Reef Heazlewood in the second heat in the repechage.

Then, the person who enters the water is Yago Dora, who lost to Crosby Colapinto and Frederico Morais. He will face in the third heat, Americans Kelly Slater and Cole Houshmand.

In the fourth and final heat of the repechage, the surfer is Deivid Silva, who in the first round ended up falling in the heat of Gabriel Medina and Jack Robinson. The Brazilian will face Rio Waida and Matthew McGillivray.


Mid-Season Cut

With this being the last stage before the mid-season cut, this will be the last event for some athletes in surfing's main category of the year.

In the female category, the ten best athletes remain among the surfing elite. At the moment, the best six are already saved by the scores they obtained.

Brazilian Tati Weston-Webb currently occupies seventh place with 18.185 points. Meanwhile, Luana Silva, who occupies the tenth and last place saved by the cut, is already eliminated from the stage and has 14,710 points. This score is the same as Gabriela Bryan, in 11th place, who is behind the Brazilian due to a tiebreaker. Bryan is still in the competition and will face Australian Isabele Nichols, in the round of 16, who is currently 12th in the world rankings.

In the men's category, 22 of the 34 athletes will be saved in the cut, while the rest will be relegated to the qualifying series.


Currently, Yago Dora, Italo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina are the only Brazilians above the cutoff limit. However, none of them are yet mathematically guaranteed.

Samuel Pupo and Caio Ibelli, who occupy 25th and 26th place, are those with the greatest chance of entering the classification zone. Miguel Pupo in 28th and Deivid Silva in 33rd have fewer chances, but are still in contention.

Featured Photo: Gabriel Medina during the Bells Beach stage (Reproduction/WSL/Aaron Hughes)


Four Brazilians advance in the WSL men's category

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Four Brazilians advance in the WSL men's category

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