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Glennis Grace hears verdict – Open violence, premeditated assault and threats: Glennis Grace hears today what punishment she receives for her involvement in an argument in a supermarket in Amsterdam. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) demands a community service of two hundred hours and a suspended prison sentence of one month.

“I should have thought better,” Grace said in an initial response. Having to count to ten instead of being guided by primitive maternal instinct.” The singer’s “maternal instinct” played out when her underage son came home in February with a bloodied face, she stated in a video on Instagram. “The first thing that came up was the lioness that I am to my child. With my impulsive behaviour, I started to get a story.”

Glennis Grace hears verdict

The singer went directly to the supermarket, with reinforcement. Her then boyfriend went with her, as did her son and a friend of his. At the supermarket were the father of that friend and two men of whom Grace does not want to say who they are.

Grace punched a supermarket employeein the face. This can be seen in images that were shared in court. In conversation with Eva Jinek, she said that she did so because of “a blackout”. “Motherfucker, I’ll slit your throat if you do it again,” she allegedly shouted to a store employee. Grace denies having said that.


Grace’s son did not tell the whole story, it turned out again during the hearing. When he came home with a bloodied face, he told his mother that he had been pushed out by an employee after smoking an e-cigarette at the exit of the store. Afterwards it turned out, as Grace herself toldJinek, that her son had not been at the exit. In reality, he had smoked in the entire supermarket.

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An employee of the supermarket suffered aconcussionduring the fight. That immediately put Grace on three nights in jail. Lawyer Richard Korver previously told Us that in such a case it is customary to detain a suspect. “So that they can’t influence potential witnesses.”

Grace apologized in court. It was the first time that the singer could address the victims so directly. For all suspects, they are no longer allowed to come near the supermarket in question. They are also not allowed to contact the employees of the branch.

Not only against the singer was a hefty punishment demanded. Her son will hear tomorrow whether he will indeed receive a community service of 120 hours, as the Public Prosecution Service demanded against him. Grace’s ex-boyfriend could potentially face two hundred hours of community service and a month’s probation for violence, assault and threats.

Glennis Grace hears verdict

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Glennis Grace hears verdict

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