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Green card: what it is and how to get yours
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Have you ever heard of Carta Verde? No? It is nothing more than mandatory insurance only for passenger or rented vehicles that are registered in Brazil, but will travel to Mercosur countries.

What is Green Card? Insurance, created in 1995, is also necessary if you buy a car in these countries and it does not replace your car insurance valid in Brazil.


Therefore, anyone who intends to travel by car will need to rely on it in some situations if they don't want to get into trouble.

Green card: what it is and how to get yours

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What is the Carta Verde insurance coverage?

Carta Verde insurance will cover compensation for damage caused to vehicles belonging to third parties, owners or drivers of passenger vehicles in Mercosur countries.

This means that if there is an accident with your car in Buenos Aires (Argentina), for example, involving third parties, you will not have to pay for the other person's car.


See details of what the service copper:

  • Any material damage caused to third parties.
  • Any bodily harm caused to third parties, such as death, permanent disability and all hospital expenses.
  • If necessary, the Mercosur Green Card will cover lawyer fees (up to 50%) for the insured and any legal costs.

Furthermore, there are compensation limits.

40 thousand dollars will be paid per person in cases of bodily injury, death, hospital expenses or permanent disability and if material damage occurs, the compensation will be 20 thousand dollars per third party.

As insurance only covers damage caused by third parties, if you suffer an accident during your trip, you will have to activate your insurance in Brazil, for example, and check if there is the possibility of an extension that covers South American countries. .

If I don't have the Green Card, what happens?

Without presenting insurance, you may be prevented from entering these countries.


So, if you are thinking of traveling to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay or Brazil, you need to take out your Carta Verde insurance now.

There is no point in having local insurance for your car even if it gives you the right to extend it to Latin American countries.

Do I need to have car insurance to get a Green Card?

No. These insurance policies can be purchased separately, however, not having insurance for your car puts you at a greater risk of financial losses.

It's worth adopting its methods when hitting the road.


Find out how to take out Carta Verde insurance

You can hire the service only for the duration of your trip or for up to one year.

The amount will be paid in dollars and can be found at any insurance broker, consulate or bank branches.

To do this, you need to contact an insurance broker so that he can explain better how it works and the values.

It is possible to request a quote from Green Card Insurance online or speak to a broker you trust.

Green card: what it is and how to get yours
Green card: what it is and how to get yours

Who can take out insurance?

AMercosur Green Card It can be hired by the vehicle owner or another driver who will use the car during the trip.

How do I claim insurance in case of an accident?

This will depend on the insurance company from which you contracted the service.

Each company has a contact number depending on the location, but can also provide service via char or app.

It is very important to check the insurance policy and the broker before traveling to see what service channels are available.

It is important to point out that even if your trip is made by motorcycle, Carta Verde insurance is mandatory, so always speak to your broker before setting foot on the road.


What if I rent a car in the country visited. Will I need to take out Green Card insurance?

If you visit one of the Latin American countries that are part of the agreement and decide to rent a vehicle there, it will not be necessary. However, it is important to pay attention to the documents requested to drive vehicles, as a foreigner.

Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Understand that the Argentine Green Charter, Paraguay Green Card, Uruguay or other Latin American countries is mandatory for cars that are not registered in the country. If you intend to rent, this will not be the case.

But, don't forget to have some required documents, such as your passport or ID. See about your driver's license, authorization to travel in Mercosul and documents that prove you are a tourist.

Remember that you can apply for the Green Card online. Check the companies that offer it and how to request the Porto Seguro, SulAmérica Green Card or others.


*Published in 2017

Green card: what it is and how to get yours

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Green card: what it is and how to get yours


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Green card: what it is and how to get yours

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