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How to love unconditionally

Unconditional love means accepting everything from the other and loving him without conditions or limits. If you have a commitment to love stronger than anything, you will have the power to stay together for a lifetime. Indeed, you should never let the little troubles of life take over your true love. So is it possible to love without limits in your relationship? To love with absolute, unconditional love? How to love unconditionally?

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How to love unconditionally?

Accepting the weaknesses of human nature

Life is difficult more often than we would like. Everything in life is definitely conditional. And yet, scientists, philosophers and priests have long preached “unconditional, perfect and eternal love”. But here we are, we are not infallible. So how can you love unconditionally?


We can all have dark sides and weaknesses. Denying this evidence will then be like ignoring the foundations of our human nature. Our difficulty in achieving unconditional love is based on this non-acceptance. This is how accepting the other’s past and loving someone despite their flaws prove to be essential. We cannot control the actions of those around us, but we can give the right to make mistakes.

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Love one another in order to love the other unconditionally?

You can be more than just a partner to the one you love when you offer unconditional love. It would be a way to take advantage of the best things and keep in mind the present moment.

It can also be helpful to learn how to nurture that same unconditional love for you. Lao Tseu said, “He who accepts himself, the whole world will accept him.” The more unconditionally we can love each other, the more equipped we are to love others in the same way.

What do we need to express our unconditional love?

What should we do in this direction when we are in a relationship? Being there totally, that’s how to love unconditionally.

  • Physically: Being “there” physically for someone simply means what it means. You are there for this person, you stay by his side, you listen to him, you talk with him.
  • Emotionally: When you are with someone emotionally, you offer them your support, letting them openly express their feelings. Supporting someone emotionally with unconditional love also means that you are there to help them cope with their feelings. The goal is for the person to transform their negative emotions into positive emotions.
  • Mentally: Mentally supporting someone you love means that you help them think about their actions, motivations, and desires. You help him by discovering what is happening in his heart. Supporting someone mentally requires that you help them develop their thoughts.
  • Spiritually: Spiritually supporting someone you love means that you pray for them and with them and help them grow in all aspects of their lives. Spiritual support is often given without the person’s knowledge, through prayer.
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However, unconditional love does not mean, agreeing on everything. Often people confuse unconditional love with submission. Giving someone everything they want or want when it is not appropriate can hurt them.

How to develop unconditional love? (How to love unconditionally)

Not to be confused with fusional love that can quickly become suffocating, unconditional love when understood and shared, is both energizing and liberating.

Have a positive look at the other and on oneself

This brings us to the subject of unconditional positive consideration. This is probably the most approximate form of what we mean by unconditional love. In this sense, true love does not always mean giving people what they want or always accepting what they do, at the expense of your own need. Nor is the aim to fall into a form of emotional dependence.

Instead, love must be mature. This means treating the other person with respect. Loving someone despite their flaws while maintaining your limits and protecting yourself will then be the expected result

Also, authentic love means being attentive and listening even when you feel it’s not worth it. It also means taking into account the desire of your partner, not being harsh or contemptuous with him. This can prevent you from finding compromises or solutions. Essentially, it’s simply about assertiveness: let the other person know where you are so that together you can determine the best path to take.


Letting go to love unconditionally

True love is expressed when you try to help the other become a better person and unconditional love is expressed when you continue to love the other even if he refuses to change.

What are the differences between love and affection?

Often it is necessary to let go of the loved one, while you continue to love him unconditionally, because he refuses to take the necessary measures to improve.

Let us take the example of someone who is an alcoholic or a drug addict. You still love the person but they refuse to make efforts to overcome this addiction or they don’t care about themselves and hurt others. Well, you have to let go. Sometimes that means letting it sink until it hits rock bottom.

Often you will be hurt by this way of doing things because you love this person and can’t stand to see them destroy themselves, but unconditionally love also means that you will be there when they are willing to try.


You love unconditionally when you ignore small mistakes, forget judgment and practiced sacrifice and forgiveness.

A danger to love unconditionally?

This form of love can very often become destructive. It will then be necessary to review one’s own needs, redefine one’s limits and relearn how to love oneself above all else. Unconditional love has something childish,the dependence of the lover on the other resembles the inability of a child to fend for himself, and this must make room for personal fulfillment.

How do I know if I am emotionally dependent?

The person under the influence of unconditional love must learn to grow, to have normal contacts with the other and also to exchange on his needs. Communication with the loved one is essential to be able to free oneself from an overly invasive love, by entrusting him with his needs, the gaps are identified without the other being obliged to fill them, but it will be healthier to talk about them than to be waiting for him to guess everything.

If you love unconditionally and it does not make you suffer, that this is the only way for you to love and that you find your balance in it, you are quite free to continue to feel this.


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