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Why do we live love stories on vacation

At the time of meetings 2.0 still persists a type of relationship that has fantasized many generations of madly romantic souls, the love of holidays. Who will not shudder at the evocation of epinal’s image of naked and warm bodies, scented with monoï, and entwined on the beach in a sweet summer torpor? It would seem that the holidays are a fertile ground for meetings of all kinds, including lovers.

How can this be explained? Why do we live love stories on vacation? Why are they so intense, like a hurricane that would have passed through our lives?

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The desire to flirt

The type of meeting we are going to make depends for a lot on our starting state of mind. It will thus be necessary to differentiate between holidays and travel.

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We usually go on vacation to change our ideas, rest, visit a place. Generally, we are relaxed, serene, eager for discoveries of all kinds. As who looks alike assembles, it’s a safe bet that you’ll meet people in a similar mindset to yours. People who want to enjoy their stay, have fun, go sightseeing, etc.

Maybe you both want to enjoy the present moment without a headache. Your meeting could then lead to a nice light and easy-going story, which will make you vibrate the time of the stay … or even after!

The quest for self (Why do we live love stories on vacation)

We don’t go on a trip like we go on vacation. Holidays are for relaxing and entertaining. But you go on a trip to take stock in your life or take up a personal challenge. The journey is more akin to a quest for self than a simple search for pleasure. Some destinations are particularly suitable for introspection, such as India, deserts, Siberia, Canada… often high places of spirituality or wide open spaces with the feeling of freedom they offer to travelers.


During this type of stay, you will rub shoulders with people who look like you and pursue a personal goal or a deeper quest. In this context of self-discovery, love stories can be more risky but also very intense.

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The call of adventure

The “adventure” dimension also plays a lot in the typical portrait of the people you will meet. So you will not meet the same profile depending on whether you go to a holiday club in the south of France or whether you make a trek in the Himalayas.

But anyway, the adventure begins as soon as you step through your door. Because going away from home never leaves us indifferent. Disoriented, far from our usual landmarks, we then find ourselves in a different state of mind, more able to discover ourselves and others. Far from home, we are finally ready to shake up our habits, to open our chakras and to welcome the encounter with the Other.

The search for strong emotions (Why do we live love stories on vacation)

Holidays or trips create a unique atmosphere. As we know, they are by definition temporary! That’s why every minute counts! The idea is to soak up as much as possible of what we are experiencing because we know that it will soon be nothing more than a memory.


That is why unconsciously we could provoke events that could create intense emotions for us. Even if on the surface you do not want to meet someone, perhaps you are looking, deep down, to experience a tornado of emotions.

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Because to meet someone on a trip is to open the door to novelty and to feel alive again. It’s unpredictable, unexpected, and always very surprising. We can’t anticipate anything, just let ourselves be carried away. Always safe, of course! Because it is also not a question of following the first or the coming.

The attraction of otherness

Sometimes the meeting on vacation responds to a buried desire to kick in one’s life, to shake everything up. The opposites attract each other,we will then meet another who does not look like us. Who does not share our culture, our values, our language. Who has a totally different way of life from ours. This can be an indicator that your current life does not satisfy you. Or it can be a real revelation, like Jacques who fell in love with a Venezuelan woman during a trip to Indonesia, with which he has since opened a scuba diving club:

The magic of the moment (Why do we live love stories on vacation)

Sometimes the beginnings of the relationship are tinged with a magical, even mystical aura, which will greatly contribute to the mythology of the encounter. This is for example the case of Guilhem who made an unforgettable meeting at the foot of the Taj Mahal, which he evokes, not without humor:


As you will have understood, the reasons to live a holiday love are many, not always conscious. They often respond to a buried desire to experience something intense. Or a deep quest for who we are and what we want in our lives.

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