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How to maintain the flame in your couple?

Maintaining the flame in its couple and in time is the basis so as not to sink into routine. And not to have to face too strongly the wear of the couple. Know how to reinvent yourself and seduce yourself so as not to get lost. Trust and love each other enough to leave their share of freedom to the other, each being each the guarantor of shared love.

]Be benevolent with the other and bring him positivity. The balance in his couple is possible by the subtle dosage between all this. It is thanks to confidence, self-love and love that the couple can endure. How to maintain the flame in your couple? This article proposes to answer it with some essential tracks.

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1/ Maintain the flame in your couple: find the balance between mystery and sharing

Having a secret garden is important. The tendency to want to say everything within the couple is understandable for confidence but not very effective in terms of attraction. Indeed, we often tell ourselves too quickly and in full from the first moments. So whoever becomes your partner, your spouse, knows everything about you, about your experience. Your love failures, your successes, your childhood and your family, in short your life course.


The advantage is that so we do not have any unpleasant surprises about the other. But the disadvantage is that by the same way, unpacking one’s past can influence the behavior of the other towards you. And this calls into question the famous magic of discovery.

How to maintain the flame in your couple?

The mystery is exciting and even if it is not always reassuring, it is part of the process of seduction. It is therefore important to keep part of your garden secret. To keep the flame still alive. It is important to regularly exchange on your feelings, your needs, your desires but take the time to tell yourself gently. To talk about your personal history, your past. Don’t unpack right away.

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Be careful, it is not a question of manipulating the other by creating an unjustified expectation and mystery about your past, nor of scaring him.

No, you just have to keep in mind that habit can be reassuring but that routine is the sworn enemy of the couple. Do not destroy the attraction that exists between you and do not lock yourself into fixed habits, so as not to sink into the routine and know the wear and tear of your couple.

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