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Staying in a couple out of habit

How to find the complicity of the beginnings in his couple?

Over time, the couple relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we get angry. Yet we still love ourselves… So how to put your couple back on track and find the complicity and laughter that made us fall in love?
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Your relationship has been going on for a number of years, your relationship seemed solid until then. Yet, lately, you’re wondering where you’re at, what you’re really feeling. Does your story hold up through love or through habits created together? Staying in a couple out of habit, here are 7 signs that prove that this is your case.

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Staying in a couple out of habit: the 7 signs that prove that this is your case
Many couples can arrive at this stage of their relationship, it is the questioning about habits, routine, possible boredom. Your story had started very well, passion and complicity were at the rendezvous. Only today do you feel that your relationship is not evolving in the right direction. Hence a flood of questions. Do I still love him or am I just used to his presence? Do we stay in a relationship for fear of not finding better? For fear of loneliness? Has it finally become affection born of habit and no longer of love? It is not always easy to know if these doubts are real or if we are going through a temporary couple crisis.

1 You don’t feel so comfortable with him anymore

You’ve noticed for a while that when he was there you didn’t really feel comfortable anymore. You no longer dare to be natural and spontaneous. Your discussions are sometimes punctuated by silences and moments of embarrassment. You even come to not really want to discuss topics of conversation with him. Unfortunately, this is a sign that does not deceive and that shows that habit is taking precedence over love.


2 It doesn’t support you

At the beginning of your relationship, a lot of things about him seemed adorable to you. His little habits, his mimics and even his flaws,you found them cute or endearing. It was the phase of seduction,the passion. But not anymore. Today everything he says or does is unbearable to you and you can not even really understand why, it is above all a feeling. This is unfortunately not a very good sign for the future of your couple.

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3 Insensitive to its charm (Staying in a couple out of habit)

Remember the sparks you had in your eyes and the butterflies that flew in your belly when you found yourself? Today this is no longer the case. So if it is normal that the passion fades with time,especially on a daily basis, there it does not make you any more effects as they say. Seeing him no longer gives you the same sensations, you feel like you no longer feel any real desire for him. It is again a sign that does not deceive and that shows that the flame is extinguishing, that the desire has faded between you.

4 You look at other men differently

Never before has this happened to you. You only looked at him, thought only of him and no one else. Only for some time, you realize that you are more receptive to the other men around you, that you are not indifferent to the male gender. You’ve even fantasized about someone else. So you realize that a man other than him can attract you… From there, you must ask yourself the right questions and ask yourself if your couple is not only about habit, comfort, affection. And no longer to desire and love.

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Staying in a relationship out of habit: the other 3 signs that prove that this is your case

5 Staying in a couple out of habit: Less and less hugs under the duvet

Intimate relationships in a couple are of paramount importance even if it is not everything in a romantic relationship. And if each couple has its own rhythm. But, one thing and of course, you have always got along very well on this from the beginning. Besides, you were on the same wavelength physically speaking. Except for some time, finally for weeks that become months.


Indeed, lately, you are moving further and further away and your intimate life is diminishing. Fatigue, too demanding work, the rhythm with children and everyday life? e Try to find out why you are moving away, why the desire is less strong. Indeed, it may be a lack of desire related to bad habits that take up too much space in your couple. But if it is the very desire that is lacking, if you no longer want him, then you have to ask yourself the right questions.

6 Love turns into friendship? (Staying in a couple out of habit)

You feel more and more that something is missing between you. There are no more sparks, no more passion and envy, maybe just no more real love? You wonder if your relationship is not becoming more friendly than in love. Roommates, friends and no longer lovers and lovers? Your daily life and its habits take up all the space, there is no more for your love life. Do you miss it, frustrate you, make you sad? Or do you consider him more and more with affection and tenderness certainly, but less and less with passion and love?

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7 You no longer have common projects

As time passes, your topics of discussion are less and less interesting and constantly revolve around your daily life. Everything is very pragmatic,nothing more. Everyone is much more concerned about their life, their work than about your couple and you no longer talk about the future and even less about common projects. You feel that your story is based on your daily life and therefore your routine but neither he nor you really project together.

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What will your relationship look like in the years to come? You have no idea, unable to project yourself. Do you still want to? Can you still see yourself in the future with him? Do not forget that there is nothing worse than staying in a couple out of habit because one day you will wake up full of regrets for not having been able to enjoy your life.

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