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My husband abandons me

How to find the complicity of the beginnings in his couple?

Over time, the couple relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we get angry. Yet we still love ourselves… So how to put your couple back on track and find the complicity and laughter that made us fall in love?
Living better for two
As a couple for some time, you now feel neglected by your husband, but you can’t really know why. So you have to react so that things improve between you, so that he becomes who he was before: gentle, kind and caring. It’s not easy to win back someone you think you know by heart and for many years. You say to yourself: what should I do? You have cultivated for quite some time common interests, created many memories but still you feel that your spouse is bored, that he abandons you. How do you make sure to win back your man and come back to you? What do you need to do so that he does not abandon you so much? My husband abandons me: what should I do?

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My husband abandons me: what should I do?
Communicating together to understand

If you want the problems to be resolved, you should talk about both of them without delay. Communication is the basis of a couple. It may not always be easy to address difficult topics, but sooner or later you will have to choose to talk about the problems that exist between you. Start the discussion because for his part he may not be aware of the distance he creates between you or he does not dare to come to you. It is possible that you hear reproaches from him, unpleasant things but it is necessary to understand the reasons for his remoteness. But before any discussion take the time to think on your side about the problems that seem most important to you, your expectations and your desires.

The importance of positive communication: don’t get upset

In such situations, you can quickly lose control and it is important to learn to manage your emotions better and to keep calm. This is quite normal, you are worried, anxious, indecisive and you do not necessarily understand why he is moving away. Then try, during your discussion, to remain calm and listen to what he has to say to you, or even to reproach you. It is also important that it be a constructive dialogue between you, because stunting each of you with reproaches will not help you move forward. So give yourself time to listen to each other in turn, to communicate about your problems and to try to fix them as you go along. Be patient, attentive, calm and caring.


My husband abandons me: Questioning himself

Let us agree, you are not necessarily the only one responsible for this remoteness. In general, in a couple, the wrongs are shared. Everyone can make mistakes or change, it’s human. The important thing is to do it without hurting the other. But without wanting to or even noticing it, you may have changed. The passing of time, the routine that settles … We believe the things acquired and in the end we realize above all that we let ourselves be won over by everyday life that can annoy and wear out. And unfortunately in a couple, this kind of situation can quickly be fatal. Ask yourself the right questions, try to see if you have changed so that you can rectify things and perhaps understand the reasons for your husband’s estrangement.

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My husband abandons me: what should I do?

Making your couple a priority
You have the feeling that you only share daily and material details. The distance is more and more present between you. In order to restore intimacy and complicity between you, you must be patient. This does not happen overnight. Your relationship must become your priority again, both. For this you need to invest in your couple. Try to find yourself a little more one-on-one away from everyday habits, to spend more time together, to create moments of intimacy. It is through these moments and these little touches that you can try to get closer.

My husband abandons me: Understanding his spouse’s needs and emotions

He may be distancing himself from you because in the end he feels neglected as well. If he thinks you are unaware of his needs or desires, it is possible that he will move away to protect himself or simply to make you understand his distress. Seek to understand your husband’s needs so that you can better express your love to him. However, in a couple, it is important that everyone’s needs are respected and listened to. You take into account his own, and therefore reciprocally he must therefore also think of yours. Your relationship must remain balanced to be able to start again on a sound basis.

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Keeping love at the center of your couple

This is perhaps the easiest thing to do in the end. Show him that you are still there, that you still love him as much, that he is the man of your life. You told him yes, it’s forever despite the ups and downs you can go through. For you nothing has changed and you do not necessarily understand that he abandons you. So try to prove your love to him in different ways: small daily attentions, tenderness, affection and hugs. I also advise you to write a love letter to save your couple.


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