What are the differences between twin flames and soul mates?

Differences between twin flames and soul mates

Differences between twin flames and soul mates?

If the term soul mate is familiar to you, that of twin flames is a little less so. And, while the two terms sound familiar, their definitions are extremely different. That is why I propose to you today a deciphering of the differences between the twin flames and the soul mates.

What are the differences between twin flames and soul mates?

1/ Separation

The first fundamental difference is that the twin flames were separated from the beginning, this is what is called the “original separation”.

Before they found each other, the twin flames lived thousands of lives each on their own and never saw each other again. This separation is necessary for their learning and their initiatory journey.

Soul mates, on the other hand, have crossed paths in several lives. It’s actually the opposite of the twin flames. They share a lot of common lives, and go a long way together in a repetitive way.

Differences between twin flames and soul mates?

2/ A “classic” love scheme VS a whole new concept

The love of soul mates is very strong, passionate or romantic, but this form of love remains similar to a classic pattern at the earthly level.

The twin flames, live an unconditional love, out of the norm, which does not fit into any classic pattern of love.

But access to this unconditional love has a price. Once the merger is successful, it is a joy equal to no other, but the journey to get there is fraught with pitfalls.

What is the role of twin flames?

The role of twin flames is to work on oneself and then unite with the other and then go more easily to others. Their karma is more developed and work on oneself, personal development, is facilitated.

When we have overcome the difficulties of this love story, in terms of letting go and detachment, we are able to cope more easily with everything else. It gives incredible strength and the feeling of living unconditional love.

But before recognizing themselves and finding themselves to merge into this earthly life, the twin flames must pass through several stages, such as the trials of an initiatory rite.

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