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Twin flames definition and stages

There are life-changing encounters that come at the time when you least expect them. We speak of destiny or destiny, of evidence or of soul mate. And sometimes also twin flames. Does that speak to you? This term is less widespread, more abstract because the existence of twin flames has its source in the divine and the creation of the world. At the beginning of creation, a soul was created and then divided into two entities, one of feminine energy, the other of male energy. They have the same essence and are both equal and opposite. And these two souls form one and the same flame, unity.

It is as if one is half of the other. Together their energy is powerful, they become one. Through experiences and reincarnations, each soul will want to find its double. When they have reached some form of “maturity,” the twin flames will experience their incantation together on earth. It is the belief in true and eternal love. You feel that this person in front of you is different from the ones you have known. It is a belief that has a “divine” origin, so this spiritual approach to love may seem special, even unreal. This article offers you a decryption of what twin flames are. Twin flames definition and stages.

Whatare twin flames?

The twin flame is an energy that brings together two people. Spiritually speaking, it is said that the twin flames would be the fruit of the separation of the same soul in two different bodies as in the symbol of the Tao. They are above all two souls who have the same energetic vibration and who attract each other so much they resemble each other.


The origin of the twin flames

It should be noted that the twin flames experienced an “original separation” that was experienced as a deep tear for both souls. This left in its wake a vibratory karmic imprint. This painful event will arouse in each of the souls a quest for spiritual evolution and emotional maturity relayed during the thousands of lives lived separately.

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Twin flames definition and stages

The twin flames will not be seen during their long separation.

When they meet them, they live an extraordinary, unconditional love, which does not resemble in any way the scheme of a classic love. Meeting his twin flame is perceived as a gift of life granted for the purpose of divine plan.

Twin flames, a relationship that transcends the ego

It is in no way a physical attraction, the relationship is of a different nature. There is always a difference between your kind of women and men, where what usually attracts you compared to your twin flame. It can be physical appearance, age, religion, social background… It is a love from soul to soul and no longer between two personalities.

Since this love is universal, it goes far beyond the ego, which explains why our twin flame does not necessarily correspond to the usual physical criteria. For love to be reborn, it is necessary to look beyond the physical envelope to access the soul itself.


Twin flames definition and stages

This encounter is a call to true and unconditional love, which therefore leaves no room for the ego. The main difficulty is to get out of our conditionings because it is a love that goes beyond our frames of reference and does not meet our egotic requirements but the soul.

The 5 stages crossed by the twin flames

For you to understand their essence, here are the 5 main steps that the twin flames must go through:

  1. Cleaning or energy evolution towards maturity

This stage of evolution and self-quest is the longest and constitutes the phase of energy purification. It takes place throughout the period following the separation of the twin flames. When each of the flames is sufficiently cleaned and purified in terms of energy, and each has learned what it should, the reunion can take place.

It is a real synchronization experience that takes place in each of the flames, following a different path.

Twin flames definition and stages

  1. Earthly reunions

After the long period of energetic evolution which leads the flames to spiritual maturity, the earthly reunion comes into play. Deep connection and mutual recognition take hold. Both naturally feel confident.

Paradoxically, it is at this stage that a detachment occurs at the level of one of the flames. Indeed, the couple of twin flames is composed of a “bond soul” and a “passing soul”. One is enterprising, the other is refractory to the birth of a love. A separation is inevitable. This is a normal step in the reunion process.

Meeting his twin flame is not at all like a love at first sight. Rather, it is a matter of mutual recognition, of a sense of déjà vu, of a feeling of profound reconnection.

  1. Separation (Twin flames definition and stages)
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This separation is useful for an awakening to the importance of the inseparable link that has been created between the two flames. Both lose their bearings and suffer from the absence of the other. Their meeting will have the effect of accelerating the recognition of the other as a part of oneself without which happiness would be impossible.

In fact, the period of separation that follows the reunion of the twin flames is intended to replay the original separation in accelerated.

It is necessary to be able to fully experience self-love, before the meeting of the two flames.

  1. The meeting (re-union) (Twin flames definition and stages0

After an unavoidable adjustment phase, the two twin souls begin by living concrete experiences together.

It is really from this moment that they begin to merge and feel a complete and total unity.

  1. Fusion or illumination

This is the real fusion of the two flames to form one. Together, they release a very powerful radiation energy.

This intense enlightenment also aims to transform and elevate the energies of the souls around them. That’s why we don’t talk about love in the classical sense of the term, in the idea of a couple for example.


The twin flames have like a mission, thanks to a donation. They attract people evolving on the same length of vibration, and push those who vibrate to lower connections.

Meet his twin flame (Twin flames definition and stages)

How to meet his twin flame?

It is neither chance nor the desire to want to live the great love that puts you on the path of your twin flame. This meeting is not a love at first sight. However, the experience of the encounter will give an immediate impression that the person in front of you is special.

Twin flames can take a long time to realize that they are actually one. But the encounter establishes a deep sensory connection.

Frequent moments of separation will occur between the flames, but the image of the other will not cease to appear to each one. Thus will begin the awakening, understanding and identification of the other as his twin flame. Once this union is established, the two souls feel complete, fusional, as telepathic.

The magic of meeting (Twin flames definition and stages)

The meeting is therefore nothing ordinary. It upsets the existence of the two souls. It is an experience that marks them forever because they meet their other Self.

We are destabilized and at the same time time time no longer exists, everything stops. There’s like a loss of landmarks.


This energetic recognition will allow the two twin flames to question the particularity of their relationship and will push them to look for complementary signs to understand their singular link.

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Life pushes them to understand what they are going through by inviting them to go through an initiatory journey to regain the memory of their former separation.

To sum up, the meeting of the twin flames can a priori have nothing to do with romanticism as it could be for soul mates.

You feel for this person, a “source” love whose intensity blurs all the differences.

How do you know if it’s your twin flame?

Real indicators will awaken your consciousness in this direction. The twin flames have not met since the original separation, so they will not recognize each other from the outset. Their attraction is metaphysical.


Already, there is a correlation between the two flames, in terms of character, lifestyle and way of seeing things. The twin flames do not always agree on everything, but there is a kind of instinctive tolerance between them.

Then it’s this feeling of being connected to each other. They feel well-being and absolute confidence in the presence of the other. This feeling of being “laid bare” is not surprising since the twin flames are mirror souls.

Do we all have a twin flame?

Not everyone has a twin flame, or in any case does not always find it in his earthly life, because it is not incarnated.

There are people who want to create that feeling of having someone else to unite with. You have to live things naturally, discover them.

This is where guidance has its accuracy and benevolence. There are things that must be discovered naturally, without forcing. Because it does not depend on our will alone.

The other difficulty in understanding the twin flame is accepting the fact that you don’t have to be with it for it to exist.


Indeed, with or without it, we love it, there is no lack, no need. When we have confidence in ourselves, confidence in the other, when we love him purely and simply, it is normal to want to be with the other, but lack and absence are not synonymous with suffering. That is why we distinguish this notion from classical love.

The earthly life of the twin flames (Twin flames definition and stages)

The twin flame theory is that we are connected to the divine source to fulfill our life mission. But by moving away from our faith or from ourselves, we have sometimes strayed from our twin flame. So we have suffered several separate incarnations.

Lack of self-confidence in the couple

In the lives where they are together, they can end up in a couple, or simply cross paths. The link is very strong between these two beings, there is a real fusion that is not comparable to another relationship, and they become one.

Twin flames in couple

For the pairs of twin flames who recognize each other and who materialize on Earth their love, they will give birth to children who will have a higher energy for the opening of collective consciousness.


The Love of twin flames is fusional. Together, they reach high spiritual vibrations.

The intimate relationships between twin flames are often very intense, magnetizing. This physical contact will increase the energy aura of the fusion of the two flames.

Between twin flames, life is simple because we do not come into conflict. We may disagree, but the two will listen to one another and find a solution. It is not one that will dominate the other.

Love is so pure, there is no suspicion, jealousy, possession. Many problems do not exist. There will obviously be misunderstandings and work to be done. But we agree, we respect the other and we are free.

It is a love that is unconditional. Whatever the other person does, we’ll love him. We know how to meet each other’s expectations, we know what we can give them and we welcome what the other is able to give us.

Twin flames: self-love for the love of the other

Twin flames, it remains a love story. But it starts with self-love. Someone who is not able to love himself, will be unable to love the other with unconditional love.


This is what we are asked to do in the story of the twin flames. It’s not always easy to love each other, not to get lost. Loving oneself and respecting oneself gives access to something more noble, to then unite with the other in a pure love that allows to accept the other as it is, in its authenticity.

It is a rediscovery of oneself, a rediscovery of the other, a rediscovery of love.

When your twin flame enters your life, you feel complete just with its presence. Time no longer has a hold, your energies mix.

We speak of twin flame because it is as if you were facing another you, who will act as a mirror to illuminate all that is not love in you.

This meeting was planned between the souls before their incarnations. It is not a question of complementing oneself or bringing to oneself what is lacking in the other, as in classic romantic relationships. But to “be”.


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