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What does couple goal mean

He is everywhere on social networks, especially on Instagram. Who is it? The famous hashtag #CoupleGoal, behind which are hidden photos of seemingly perfect couples, crazy in love, happy and living their “best life” as they write themselves.

The idea? Convey the image of the dream couple, the ideal image we have of a romantic relationship. What does couple goal mean? What truth is really behind this keyword in vogue on couples’ social networks?



What does couple goal mean?

The real definition of goal couple

A couple goal (or goals), which could be translated in French as “objectif(s) de couple”,is a couple that aims at a goal, that of perfection. To achieve this, the couple sets intermediate objectives: complicity, travel, projects, respect for example. Hence the use that can be both plural and singular of this hashtag.

The use that is made of it on Instagram

The idea is to return the image of a perfect couple or an ideal relationship through this hashtag in caption of well-chosen photos of the couple. There are photos of couples apparently very much in love during a weekend or a holiday on paradisiacal beaches and beautiful natural scenery. Couples put themselves on stage, tanned, thin and muscular, in swimsuits, or with chic outfits and perfect makeup. All this against the backdrop of languid kisses and sunset. 

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Their objectives therefore seem rather superficial: the physical, the money, the material goods. All these photos highlight the “doing” (what the couple has, its beauty, its money, its notoriety), while love is the being (what we share, if we feel loved, understood, valued by the other).

Couple Goal: the image above all?

The image is at the center of the concept. Couples are displayed with dozens of published photos and quotes and declarations of love in caption. Some couples have even created a special Instagram account #CoupleGoal(s) and only post photos that border on perfection, with jacuzzis, swimming pools and beaches, perfect selfies, weddings and successful Valentines. Wouldn’t the couple goals have as their first objective to show themselves, in a society that advocates appearance, with filters? Between the need for recognition and the weapon against easy judgment, the goal couple speaks more of envelope than content.


We are all subject to the eyes of others and anxious to convey a good image on social networks. Who has never remade a selfie 10 times before trying to publish the perfect photo? We know it is arranged but it does good to our ego. Faced with a goal couple, the complexes are alive: what if my couple was not perfect, not as perfect? This is how couples, one by one, get entice the hashtag #CoupleGoal(s) and play the game in their turn.

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The reality behind it

Filters that distort the truth, a programmed staging, a total absence of naturalness and spontaneity. And if the photos are intended to be proof of perfect love, the couples who pose and expose themselves are above all concerned to show that everything is perfect in their life, if not to really live a sincere and harmonious relationship. Concern for image, superficiality, need to show oneself, business? A little bit of all of that at once.

The concept of the hashtag #CoupleGoal(s)

In the idea of this hashtag, an ideal relationship for a #CoupleGoal would be to travel all over the world, finally especially where there is sun and beaches, start a family, laugh and love each other as on the first day and reconcile in case of dispute. In fact, this hashtag just claims the idea of a healthy and balanced relationship as all love stories should be. With the difference that couples who use and abuse it feel the need to be in the demonstration of their so-called perfect love.

Or, in order to be positive, we can think that this need for claim is on the contrary a response to all these couples who make and unravel in one click, to love that is no longer so valued, to the wear and tear of the very idea of a romantic relationship and to the overused fear of commitment.


It is important that everyone can identify through examples of happy couples so as not to develop limiting beliefs about a potential impossibility to be happy together in our societies where love seems so complicated for everyone. So, is the idea good or bad?

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A false display of love or a renewed optimism?

What if the couples who claim to be #CoupleGoal(s) on social networks were in fact, for some, those who do not do this only for business or to have a community, a way of saying that love is not cheesy? Enough to think that the couple goals blows a wind of optimism.

So if it is necessary to take and leave it, the couples who appear in this way without abusing retouched photos are perhaps the new emissaries of true love.

With #CoupleGoal(s), we must therefore distinguish couples who convey a pseudo-perfect and overplayed image, who are in the representation of themselves, to those who do not care about not being perfect precisely in their photos but who on the other hand really build a sincere and healthy relationship.


Because the couple goal(s), if we take it in the first sense of the expression, says yes to love but especially to the work that love requires. A happy couple is a couple who maintain, respect each other and move forward hand in hand, against all odds.

Hashtag #CoupleGoal: false couple goals?

Let us bear in mind that the superficial criteria specific to #CoupleGoal are not couple objectives. Indeed, in a romantic relationship, the goal is to love and be loved, to share real moments and to grow together in respect. What are couple goals then? Couple goals, or the goals of a relationship, consist of transforming possible negative points, working hand in hand with your partner to become a harmonious, happy and fulfilled couple.

As a couple: what do you need to know about the other?

Among them, here are 8 real couple goals that allow you to say that you put all the chances on your side to live a real and beautiful love story:

  1. Make your romantic relationship a priority
  2. Always be present for one another
  3. But think about taking time for yourself
  4. Learning to communicate well
  5. Nurturing the flame of desire
  1. Respect each other
  2. Making couple projects
  3. Don’t worry about others

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