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Differences between love and habit

Many men and women often wonder if they stay in their relationship out of love or habit. The differences between the two are tenuous but yet the two concepts are almost opposite. So what are the differences between love and habit?

What is habit?

In “habit” you should not mean “routine”. Even if we often say to ourselves that we must break the routine, that it is harmful to the couple, in truth, the routine, if it is pleasant, is beneficial! If we go to the cinema on Monday, to the restaurant on Tuesday… It’s a pretty cool routine 

By habit in love we mean rather “attachment”. We stay with each other because we have always been with it and we would not see each other without. When it has been 10 years, 20 years that we share our life with the same person, whether we still love him or not, we miss him when he is far from us. So how do you tell the difference between love and habit?


If you are reading this article, it is not necessarily that you are in the habit. It just proves that you are going through a period of weariness but not necessarily definitive. I find it very healthy to ask about your couple, about the way you communicate with two, to sometimes question certain foundations. This is how we evolve and progress.

I don't know where I'm at anymore

Differences between love and habit

Love has the magic of making us happy. If you are in the habit, then, you feel boredom. Something weighs on your couple unconsciously. The climate is heavy, the conversations are always the same, if there are conversations! You have the feeling of knowing your partner by heart but far from rejoicing, it intolerants you. 

So you will tend to put everything back on him, to tell you that he has changed, that before he was like this or like that without taking into account your own changes in behavior or ideals.

You know you’re in the habit when the other is part of the scenery. I want to say, like a roommate but you can be in super colloc’ with friends from hell! So, I would say, a bit like the task on the table, it’s there, it stays there, we could change tables but finally we got used to it, as well as to the task. (Differences between love and habit)


While when we are still in love we sparkle. We want to cuddle, to put a hand in the hair, to prepare a good meal to see him smile. We scream, we also go through soft periods, phases of opposition but love is always there

The good health of our couple depends on our good knowledge of our partner (Study)

Before, many couples remained out of habit: one took refuge in work, the other in the family aspect. Today, in the air of individualism, each partner seeks his own happiness. And the zapping of dating applications allowing to pass from vines to lianas, the separation is done much more frequently.

One of the fundamental differences between love and habit is how you feel about your partner’s absence. If you are in love, you will be happy to see him near you on the sofa, happy to know that he is not far away. While if you are in the habit, his absence will intolerate you as much as his presence. 

Often, you have, without knowing it, plunged into emotional dependence and can’t stand the absence of your partner. However, his presence bothers you just as much!


Another scenario: you simply don’t see your partner anymore. Whether it is there or not is up to you.

Signs that prove that you are more in the habit than in love

Everything you do together is mechanical.

You or your partner looks (or is) constantly unhappy or even depressed.

You can no longer bear or even become allergic (if, I swear) to the breath, smell, skin of your partner.


You can no longer stand his presence / You no longer see when he is there.

Depression in the couple, how to manage? My Story

In bed, your relationships have been spaced out, they have even for some, become non-existent.

You often think of going elsewhere even if you never take action.

What he does for you has become “normal”, you let go of a little “thank you” without thinking it sincerely.



The whole thing friends is to know how to transform the habit into a love habit. 

Because love, when it is long-lasting, will inevitably turn into a habit, make it positive!


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