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Things not to accept as a couple

In any human relationship, respect for the other is paramount. The romantic relationship is obviously no exception to the rule, on the contrary. As a couple, it is essential to respect your partner, at all levels, to establish a balanced relationship, trust, as an equal. 

You should not tolerate bad behavior on the part of your partner so as not to sink into an unhealthy and toxic relationship. If you have doubts about his behavior towards you, you feel discomfort, an obstacle to your freedom, a danger, do not let things get worse and fix them quickly.

Even if it means putting an end to your relationship. There are things that are not acceptable, that are intolerable, even supposedly in the name of love. To help you see more clearly, here are 8 things not to accept as a couple.



8 things not to accept as a couple

#1 Regular reviews are part of the things not to accept as a couple

If your partner is constantly criticizingyou, that’s not good. Under no circumstances should you accept this kind of behavior on his part. Whether it is for example on your weight, your haircut, your work or anything else characterizing you, incessant criticism should not be present in a couple. For a criticism to be “acceptable” it must be in the form of a benevolent advice. Your partner may indeed try to advise you or guide you for your well-being but in no way criticize you wickedly and regularly.

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#2 Secrets

Each person in the couple has his secret garden, leisure and personal activities this is quite normal. Only there is a difference between having your secret garden and hiding everything from your partner. If his behavior starts to become suspicious, that you feel that he is hiding more and more things from you this is not a good sign. Moreover, if it is you who become “the secret” and he hides your existence from his loved ones, that he keeps you just to himself without including you in his life it is not at all acceptable.

#3 Choking (Things not to accept as a couple)

Your partner wants to be with you at every moment, wants to spend all his time with you and have you all the time in his arms? It may be touching at first but it can quickly become unlivable. It is unfortunately rarely motivated by the simple desire to spend time together, it is rather a sign that he wants to keep you to himself and therefore somehow isolate you. In a couple there is also a need for moments alone to meet and keep this famous secret garden, it is essential. After it is not impossible to find fusional couples who wish to spend all their time together but in this case it is necessary that the desire is shared.


#4 Rejection of friends or family: One of the things you shouldn’t accept in your relationship

It is of course understandable that your partner does not want to spend all his time with your friends, but that he systematically refuses to see them and spend an evening with them is something else. And it’s the same story for the in-laws. It is sometimes normal not to be motivated to go to eat at the dad-in-law’s and mother-in-law’s house on Sunday lunchtime but it is still a question of respect. And when we share someone’s life we agree to share what goes with it, family and friends are part of it. It’s all about dosage obviously, we don’t say to spend all your time with your partner’s in-laws and friends but to see them from time to time.

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4 other things not to accept as a couple

#5 Sickly jealousy

If you find that your partner is constantly watching you, that he searches your phone or purse, that he is upset when you talk to a man other than him, it is not acceptable behavior on his part. In a healthy couple, this kind of thing does not happen. Jealousy can be healthy when it is minimal and controlled. When it becomes abusive it is not only dangerous but also very unhealthy. Don’t let your partner do that, it’s not good for any of you.

#6 Psychological or physical abuse

Violence is one of the most serious acts, verbal, psychological and physical. You must never accept it or trivialize it. Even if your partner defends himself by saying that it is exceptional, that he has just failed to control his anger, that his words have exceeded his thought, that he regrets getting carried away, that he has abused you, you must never accept it. It is difficult to admit to finding oneself in such a situation, one can feel shame, fear or guilt. But first of all, tell yourself that you are not responsible, that love is not that. So do not hesitate to ask for help and do not minimize things.

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#7 Threats

This, too, is a form of violence. No matter the level of the threat, if your partner regularly tries to intimidate you, to make you “obey” by blackmailing you and threatening you if you do not agree, it is very bad. Emotional blackmail at breakup, for example, is also a form of blatant threat. Under no circumstances will your partner allow you to do so. You do not owe him anything of this kind and you must not under any circumstances feel obliged to obey him, especially under threat.


#8 Physical intercourse under pressure (Things not to accept as a couple)

In a healthy couple, physical relationships must start from a common desire, envy must be shared. If your partner puts pressure on you to have a relationship at a time when you do not feel like it or if he forces you to carry out acts that you do not want it is an unacceptable thing. Do not give in to his wishes under any circumstances and do not allow yourself to be persuaded that you must do so. For a relationship to be healthy, you need trust and respect on a daily basis for everything. If you feel forced, it becomes manipulation and the relationship is unhealthy. Always remember mutual consent!

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