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Iconic goal secures victory in stoppage time

Lionel Messi’s journey at Inter Miami began in a truly iconic way, with a debut that ensured the team’s victory in injury time thanks to a beautiful free-kick scored by the Argentine player. On his first night wearing the shirt of the United States team, the star showed his decisive power by leaving his mark on the club’s history.

After the final whistle, Messi was approached by journalists curious about the free-kick that was already being revered as one of the most memorable of his career. In a humble way, the player attributed part of the success of the shot to luck, while trying to explain the incredible precision of his shot.


I was left with just the last one. I tried, as I always do, and I was lucky that it passed, that it went to the goal and that the goalkeeper did not arrive. It’s a huge joy“, declared Messi in an interview with the official MLS broadcast. His words reflect not only his incredible technical skill, but also his humility and gratitude for the favorable circumstances that made that moment unforgettable.

New challenges within Inter Miami

In addition to making his name in the history of the club, the victory in the opening match served as an important boost for Messi and for Inter Miami. The star highlighted the importance of this triumph for building confidence within the team, showing his winning mentality and his determination to contribute to the team’s success in North American lands.

As the games went on, Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami proved to be an important addition to football in the United States. His skill and leadership on and off the field inspired his teammates, propelling the team to important victories throughout the season.

Inter Miami fans were treated to unforgettable football spectacles, thanks to the magical performances of Messi, who not only met expectations, but exceeded them. His presence drew crowds to stadiums and increased football’s popularity in the US, further solidifying his reputation as one of the greatest players of all time.


  Messi celebrates his first club for the American club

Messi celebrates his first goal for Inter Miami (Photo: reproduction/@intermiamicf/Instagram)

In the victory won at the last moment, Lionel Messi not only shone on the field, but also showed generosity and solidarity by dedicating the triumph to full-back Ian Fray, who unfortunately had to leave the match in the first half due to an injury. Messi has not forgotten his teammate and was keen to send words of encouragement and support to Fray, who had recently recovered from another injury.

In addition to his prowess on the field, the Argentine star is also recognized for his humility and gratitude to his fans. In a rare everyday appearance in a supermarket in Miami, where he currently resides, Messi expressed his gratitude for the care and affection he has received in the streets of the city and also in the stadium where he played on Friday.

The new life of the Argentine in the USA

Messi’s new life in Miami has been both exciting and challenging. Since moving to the US, he has been experiencing a new culture and environment, yet he continues to dedicate himself to football and winning hearts with his legendary skills. With humility and gratitude, he has shown that success has not made him less accessible to fans, remaining close and respectful to those who admire him.


The presence in Miami has been remarkably positive and impactful for the development of soccer in the United States. His influence has been beneficial to both fans of the sport and local players alike. The sporting community as a whole has benefited from their contributions, which will continue to be felt well into the future. Football is growing in popularity and quality thanks to their involvement and dedication, and this brings significant benefits to the sport and its supporters.

Featured photo: Messi during a match for Inter Miami. Playback/@intermiamicf/Instagram

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Iconic goal secures victory in stoppage time

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