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Insurance bonus: understand everything about it
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Before we talk about the insurance bonus, we must first understand how insurance works. Insurance is a contract signed between two parties (insured and insurer) that involves an asset. For this contract to be signed, an insurance policy is required. It is in the policy that the asset is detailed, what the insurance coverage is, the risks, premium and all other information essential to the agreement.

Among them all, the insurance premium and bonus are the ones that usually cause the most doubt. But they are not “big things”.


To begin with, the premium is the amount that the insured pays for the asset to be protected. This value varies, depending on the insurance company and what was agreed. Therefore, the premium is the amount paid for the insurance, and it is on this that the bonus will apply.

Insurance bonus

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How does the insurance bonus work?

The bonus is something interesting for both parties. It serves as an attraction for those who have the insurance, and also an advantage for the insurer.

Its operation is quite simple: when taking out insurance, the consumer signs an agreement with the predetermined value of the premium and compensation. If, during the stipulated contract period, no accidents occur, the user can obtain a bonus. In other words, when renewing the insurance, they can obtain a discount on the premium value.


However, there are some rules for obtaining the bonus. First, as mentioned, the claim cannot have been triggered at any time during the term of the contract.

A request for 24-hour assistance does not count as a claim, as the consumer does not need to wait for the insurance company to evaluate this service.

24-hour assistance is often considered a “treat” for the user, and therefore all the driver needs to do is call the company and request assistance in the event of a flat tire, electrical breakdown or similar issues.

This means that, even if you have requested assistance, the consumer is entitled to the insurance bonus. It is also necessary that the renewal of protection is done within the deadline, right at the end of the agreement.


Generally, insurance companies allow renewal with bonuses within 30 days after the contract expires.

The bonus percentage varies from one insurer to another, and also according to the length of the relationship between the insured and the insurer. The longer the contracts are in force, and the longer the claim-free period, the greater the bonus obtained.

Bonus Classes

Every time you renew your insurance without having registered any insurance, the driver gains a bonus class. It works as a cumulative point, which adds classes over the years.

Imagine, then, that you have already renewed your insurance four times with the insurer. This means you will have 4 bonus classes. Each class guarantees, in this example, a 5% discount to the consumer. Therefore, you have a 20% deduction when renewing your insurance.


When a claim is triggered, however, the user loses bonus classes. Not all at once, but one by one.

In other words, if you request a repair or compensation with 4 bonus classes, the next time you renew your insurance you will have 3 of them — in our example, 15% discount.

After renewal, a new validity period begins. If, within this time, there is no claim opened, a new class is formed. If the accident occurs, a class is lost, and so on.

Bonus class varies on a scale of 0 to 10.


It is important to highlight that a bonus class is linked to the insured, and not to a car. Therefore, even if the user changes vehicles, the insurance bonus can be used on the next renewal.

Insurer changes and class transfers

Insurance companies also accept bonuses accumulated in other companies. Therefore, renewal does not need to be with the same insurance manager.

As there is a deadline for taking advantage of the bonus, however, it is essential to get a quote for the protection before the end of the contract. Thus, with the validity period completed, the consumer will be able to quickly choose their new insurance.

Some insurers even allow you to transfer the bonus class to another individual. Transfers are generally authorized between spouses, and between parents and children.


It is also possible to do it from a legal entity to an individual, if the individual is a partner of the legal entity.

When does the consumer lose the insurance bonus?

As explained, the driver does not lose his right to insurance bonuses when he uses the company's 24-hour assistance. He also does not lose the benefit when he changes insurance company, nor if he requests coverage for windows, windshields, mirrors, lights and headlights.

Another situation in which the insurance bonus continues to be valid is when an accident happens, but the person responsible for repairs to the car is the one who caused the event. In other words, the other person involved in the accident.

If the insurance is activated for partial or total loss, however, the user loses their bonus class. If this class is the only one he currently has, he will not receive the discount when renewing his protection.


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If you have another bonus class, this claim will count as one less point, reducing the discount on the new contract.

Repairs costing less than 75% of the vehicle's value are considered partial losses. A total loss corresponds to a repair costing more than 75% of the car's value.

In the first situation, the consumer must pay the insurance deductible. In the second, the deductible is waived, and the insurance company gives the user the amount to purchase a new car.

When the insurance is activated for third-party repairs, or for passengers, the bonus class is also lost. Just like when the user chooses to change the insurance category.


Changing the category means choosing protection with lower value and coverage. In this case, the classes start to be counted again.

Why take out car insurance?

If you still don't understand the importance of good insurance, it's important to keep an eye on violence rates and think about how big your loss could be if you don't take care of yourself.

Imagine being robbed, robbed, having an accident, having your car set on fire and being left with all the losses. Something unpleasant, right? Car insurance helps you at this point and helps to give you peace of mind, paying part or all of the expenses.

Get your car insurance quote now!

If you want to take advantage of the insurance bonus, or if you want to accumulate the bonuses to have discounts when taking out your new insurance, is the ideal place. On the website, you can get a quote in a short time and have the information you need to protect your car in the best way possible.


Here, you can also speak to the broker and ask your questions about the bonuses. By getting your quote, you will know if you are entitled to the benefit to save even more.

Now that you know what the insurance bonus is, take advantage of the discount and get great coverage. This way, you will have peace of mind when using your car, and you will receive compensation in the event of an accident.

Insurance bonus: understand everything about it

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Insurance bonus: understand everything about it



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Insurance bonus: understand everything about it

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