Internet: free and serious dating sites

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free and serious dating sites

They are popping up everywhere on the web and competing for ever more originality, there are many dating sites on the internet and it is sometimes very difficult to find the one that suits us .

Because we don’t and can’t all pay to meet people and find love, Love Intelligence lists for you the most serious free dating sites that you can really count on for lasting dating … and why not find love.

ME FOR YOU is a free and serious dating site that brings together hundreds of thousands of subscribers wishing to meet or find a soul mate.

Each member has a confidence index based on the evaluations of other members and several behavioral criteria.

The site is very easy to use, registration is done immediately and the messages received arrive directly in your email box whose address remains confidential. is available for all countries of the world in French and English, and has a very advanced search engine to choose the people who suit you.

So don’t be left alone sign up now!


The first site we can recommend is . On the dating market since 2005, he has a deep understanding of what singles are looking for.

The site also has a very large catalog of singles of all ages. Proximeety is regularly moderated and disruptive or fraudulent profiles have no place on the site.

A version specifically dedicated to seniors has also been developed. Proximeety is truly aimed at the French-speaking community around the world and of all ages, bringing together singles from mainland France, DOM-TOM, Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec and many others.

free and serious dating sites

→ The very detailed description of the profiles, which allows you to really know who you are talking to.

→ The alarm function which alerts you in real time of the birthdays of registered members.

→ The system of automatic notifications when a member tries to contact you.

→ The “Miss and Mister Proximeety” contest which makes the site so original.


The concept of the site is to focus first on the personality and character traits of the person you are communicating with before their physical appearance.

Indeed, you will only be able to discover the photo of a member once you have discovered his personality, which makes one of the rare sites which seems to want to privilege the beauty of the heart over that of the body …

When you complete your profile, the site offers singles that are 65% or more compatible with what you’re looking for. You will be able to meet people by focusing mainly on your most important expectations.

What Love Intelligence liked:

→ Its originality of course, the concept is really interesting.

→ Its relevant compatibility test.

→ Her fair view of beauty (interior and exterior).


The site is obviously completely free and presents itself as the “Zen” dating site. In other words, no advertising, no animators and no false profiles… OUF!

Only people you authorize will be able to send you messages. Thus, you can chat with the people you want, the counterpart being that among these people some do not allow you to send them messages … but who does not try anything has nothing!

The site also offers completely free VIP access which allows you to put more photos on your profile and have more exchanges with other members.

In addition, Intimeety has developed its own blog in which you will find all kinds of articles relating to love and romantic relationships.

What Love Intelligence liked:

→ His calendar of events for singles.

→ Its “Zen attitude”, the very essence of

→ Respect for gender parity on the site between 6 p.m. and midnight.

→ His 10 commandments of seduction.


Better known under the name of POF , this site was created by Markus Frind and developed strongly in Canada and the United States at first before conquering Europe and becoming the largest free dating site in the world. . The site is very successful and has a large database of singles.

Although being a free site, POF also offers a Premium version which makes your profile more visible to other users of the site. So there is no real difference between the free version (with which you can send messages to members and participate in forums) and the paid version.

If you like having a choice (if not too much to choose from) then Plenty of Fish is the site for you. It is clear and easy to use. The average age of site users is around 35 years old.

What has more to Love Intelligence:

→ The success of POF around the world.

→ The emotional compatibility test.

→ Regulation of the site (false profiles and other vulgar terms or with a sexual connotation are not accepted).



Smeeters is the first dating site that brings together two groups of three friends over a cocktail … and more if you like.

With Smeeters, you leave your home to meet real people and do not feel the embarrassment of the date since you are also with two other friends. 3 is the ideal number. Of course, meeting the other group of friends doesn’t commit you to anything, but at least you will have had a good time.

Smeeters is the ideal site to meet real face to face and without any pressure. Plus, all you have to pay is the cocktail, nothing more!

What Love Intelligence liked:

→ The idea of ​​creating group meetings.

→ The modernized aspect of “arranged encounters”.

→ The site will take care of organizing everything for you.


Launched in September 2012, MATCHOU is an innovative dating site for singles who share the same interests and currently has more than 100,000 members.

MATCHOU is a trusted site that protects its members from fake profiles and scams that are currently rampant on most other dating sites. The site also offers a VIP area where you can increase your chances of meeting.

With Matchou you will also have access to a seduction index allowing everyone to increase their seduction capital. This seduction index takes into account the reputation of the person, his behavior on the site as well as the votes of other members. Members who have a maximum seduction index will automatically be highlighted on the site.

What has more to Love Intelligence:

→ A real outings module to allow members to organize and / or participate in outings around several themes: have a drink, play sports, listen to a concert or even offer a support service.

→ A coach to help members present themselves in their best light and give them advice on how to choose their profile picture, write a description and express themselves with instant messaging.

→ Geolocation: to locate singles on the site who live near you.

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