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Want to meet someone who matches your values?

Dating and exchange sites, such as, and, allow Muslims and Muslims to meet a soul mate while respecting the religious convictions specific to Islam.

If you are tired of missing out on great dating, these sites are for you! Follow the adage: “Birds of a feather flock together!” “



Why go through a community dating site? First of all, to meet men or women who share the same faith as you and therefore the same fundamental values ​​so as not to waste time going out with partners who are too different from you and therefore in order to simplify your romantic encounters. Time is precious !

Today there are a large number of dating sites for Muslims, so it is not always easy to choose the one that suits you best. We are therefore going to present you the most famous so that you can make your choice to find the Great Love!


These sites have been recommended to us by a large number of Internet users!

Топ-5 серьезных сайтов знакомств


- ( “destiny” in Arabic) is surely the best known and the most media dating sites for Muslims and North Africans. It is therefore number 1 in France with 500,000 members. Created in 2006, is a fairly open site since each member can define their degree of religious practice in their profile, so it is more in the cultural sense that it is a dating site for Muslims.

Registration is free for women, so ladies run it! An Internet user testifies: “I was pleasantly surprised and happy to find on the internet a dating site intended for the Maghreb community which moreover looks exactly like Meetic in its use, this site is quite open and is not closed to others. “



- ( “a meeting God willing” ) is a site whose main objective is to promote the meeting of Muslims while remaining within the framework of Islamic values.

It is a less neutral site than, proposing in particular a section entitled “Friday reminder”, which details various themes developed by imams and consulting services, by telephone, such as “contact our Islamologists”.


- looks like traditional dating sites in terms of its graphic charter, the shades of pink are those of love. This site is also free for women!
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It is also possible to also indicate your level of religious practice, if you are more or less moderate (e). 

This site is very successful thanks to its notoriety, its motto being quite naturally: “Who look alike assembles!”

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