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Jarl Hector and Mattijs van Andel

Jarl Hector and Mattijs van Andel started Clear Music. With their combined expertise in music, media, and its legal aspects, they want to offer Sonic Branding, Sync and Bespoke in the higher segment as an independent agency.

For this purpose, Clear Music collaborates with a worldwide network of experienced creators, composers and artists. They are already working as a Sonic Branding partner for the new booking platform Moonback. “Our mission is to connect the music and media world by using our experience and creativity.

To put creative creators in the spotlight and help them touch their audience. In the heart, through the ears,” van Andel said. “You can see that in campaigns that do well, music is an integral part,” Hector adds. “That we have thought in detail in advance about what it should do and how to achieve it.


That is where we excel, take the power of music seriously and use it.”In addition to Moonback, Clear Music pitched on Peugeot’s global Sonic Branding at the request of 180 Kingsday. They also represent the following artists for Sync: Kelsley Coockson, Bram Kies (St. Tropez, Go Back To The Zoo) and Rob Jager (ReauBeau).

Jarl Hector and Mattijs van Andel

They also represent a growing number of labels including Hot Fuss, Wanted Music, ILSA and Motiv in the field of Sync Licensing.Mattijs van Andel is not only a DJ specializing in business and legal advice in the TV, film and music industry.

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He has worked in the past for Warner Bros, EndemolShine, Kaap Holland Film and VICE. On productions such as De Marathon, Bon Bini Holland, Mocro Maffia, Flikken Maastricht and Peaky Blinders.Jarl Hector, formerly guitarist at The Medics, has also worked as Creative Producer and Music Supervisor at Universal and Amp.Amsterdam.

He has worked on campaign music for, Samsung, Diesel, Netflix, Plus Supermarket, Volkswagen, Bavaria and Vodafone. As well as the soundtracks for films like Soof 2, Away From You and What Is Then Love.



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