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Kim Kardashian presents her new energy drink ‘Kimade’

kim kardashian is launching yet another business to its line of profitable ventures. In partnership with the health and well-being brand Alani Nutrition, the businesswoman launched her own energy drink, KIMADEof strawberry lemonade, which is the new poster girl.

The collaboration, called ‘Alani by Kim K,’ features Kardashian’s exclusive limited-edition energy drink, “Kimade.” The Strawberry Lemonade flavor – which will be available in 340ml cans – features 200mg of caffeine, zero sugar, B vitamins and biotin. It also clocks in at just 10 calories!


“We are thrilled to collaborate with Kim, who is an incredible female powerhouse and entrepreneur,” said Alani Nu founder Katy Hearn in the press release.

“Kim’s dedication to family and creating innovative brands aligns perfectly with our brand values, making this partnership a natural fit. We are so excited for everyone to experience this flavor, which we know will be one of our best yet!”

The bet for the success of the energy drink is big, but there are already trolls criticizing the venture, commenting that it would make more sense if Khloe Kardashian was the image of the brand.

Another commented that the partnership could spark another fight between Kim and her sister Kourtney Kardashian:

“Isn’t wellness and nutrition products Kourtney’s vibe?” Asked a follower, adding that Kim’s sister will go all out on her.



Kim Kardashian is having a party! The businesswoman is celebrating that her brand of shapewear and girdles “SKIMS” is now worth US$ 4 billion (R$ 19 billion), according to the newspaper “New York Times”. The publication claims that the company is growing at a breakneck pace, and only between last year and this year, Skims added more value to the brand.

The newspaper claims that Kim’s company recently acquired a new financing of around US$ 270 million, which allowed the company to reach the new value.

In early 2022, the brand was valued at around $3.2 billion. A year before that, Skims was worth around $1.6 billion, which shows the great growth of the brand founded by Kim Kardashian in 2019.

The newspaper assured that this year alone Skims will earn an average of US$ 750 million.

In conversation with the publication, Kim also addressed the mistakes he made along the way during his search for the best ventures, as was the case with a brand of muffins to lose weight that did not work.


“In the beginning, when I didn’t really understand where my career was going, because I was kind of winging it, I had licensing deals with a lot of different companies that contradicted each other,” he explains.

According to the magazine, Skims – founded in late 2019 by Kim and his partner Jens Grede and his wife Emma – earned US$ 500 million (R$ 2.4 billion) last year. 25% more than projected and 80% more than in 2021, which means an increase of 90% compared to the previous year.

Investors noted know that the brand is a success. In its last round of funding in January 2022, the privately held brand was valued at US$3.2 billion (R$15.5 billion), double what it had been valued at just nine months earlier.

“The company is testing new brand extensions, such as a foray into bridal wear and a men’s underwear line launching this fall. And yes, there will be male shapewear, but that will come later.”, reveals Kim Kardashian exclusively.


Kanye West’s ex-wife assures that the brand has surpassed all its ambitions:

“Obviously you have high hopes, but this has definitely surpassed anything I ever imagined,” he said.

About lending his image to brands and other initiatives, Kim commented to “Time” that he also learned from mistakes.

“What I learned was not to trust everyone in spaces you don’t really know. I try not to make the same mistakes twice.”, he justifies.


Kim Kardashian also commented in the interview that little by little she will reduce her appearances and pose for a slightly smaller number of campaigns each year: “I understand that, maybe in my 50 years, I will not want to pose in panties”, she jokes.

Kim Kardashian presents her new energy drink ‘Kimade’

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