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Lazio finally overthrew AC Milan 3-0

In the continued Serie A season 2020, Lazio dramatically defeated AC Milan with a final score of 3-0. This victory makes Lazio in the standings in 6th place. So, how is the match going?

1. Lazio took the lead since the 19th minute

Compete at the Stadio Olimpico, the match between the two teams was very hot. Meanwhile, Lazio managed to bring the club ahead in the 2nd minute through J. Correa.

2. Lazio managed to defend the victory in the second half

The match was fierce. But Lazio can still maintain their victory in this second half. In addition, in the 51st minute, J. Correa scored in the first 15 goals. The Lazio region managed to put the club ahead in the 87th minute through C. Immobile.

3. Although both play openly, the results of the 3-0 goals scored

Lazio’s victory in this match was actually marred by AC Milan’s yellow cards 0 and 2 for Lazio’s home team. There was no red card in Lazio’s match against AC Milan. Statistically, the number of accurate kicks fired by Lazio is 5 when compared to AC Milan 5.



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