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lessons to know about love

All our lives, we constantly evolve and continue to learn new things. Love is no exception to the rule! Friendly and romantic relationships are a learning of every moment… But as it is always good to take advantage of the experience of others to enrich your own, here are 7 lessons to know about love!


1/ An appointment will not necessarily lead to a serious relationship

Or even on a relationship at all! If you start to have dates, at first, you may be in the perspective that they will lead to a beautiful and long relationship… Which also puts a lot of pressure on you! But by multiplying these dates, you will quickly realize that this is only rarely the case. So do yourself a favour, and go to your dates in order to have fun while discovering the other, without committing yourself more than that!


2/ Learn to detect your relational imperatives (lessons to know about love)

These criteria that your future partner will necessarily have to meet! Be careful, do not multiply them and set the bar far too high. But know how to recognize the crippling criteria that will be for you a sign of a definitive “no”, or on the contrary, those that will be a good oens for you. Identify your values, and your future goals in life, and make sure to find a partner in line with them!

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3/ Pay attention to certain signs

Love makes you blind, but not stupid! So, without sinking into paranoia, open your eyes! Especially at the beginning of the relationship. Very often, both partners try to take it upon themselves in order to show only their best sides, and hide all their ugly little flaws.

If it is normal to hide certain small innocuous behaviors, it is less so when it can have more consequences… Alcoholism, drugs, violent behavior, possessive etc… If your intuition makes you say that something is wrong, listen to it, you will often be right!

4/ Stay tuned to your partner (lessons to know about love)

And this, in an active way. Because it is quite possible for two people to have a conversation without either of them really listening to what the other is trying to tell him. One of the most important lessons in love is indeed to listen and hear what your other half is trying to tell you.


Otherwise you may miss out on important elements. Especially if your darling is trying to get you a hidden message.

5/ Let yourself breathe

You and your half are two different people and therefore have two personalities in their own right! It’s one thing to hear it and to know it, it’s another to experience it

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You’re going to have different opinions, different values, different opinions, different ways of operating… This can sometimes be tiring on a daily basis! This is why it is important to choose a partner who fits with your values, but also to know how to leave room for your two individualities within the relationship. Just because you’re a couple now doesn’t mean you have to live in chains with each other.

6/ Put forgiveness at the center of the couple (lessons to know about love)

If you are reluctant to apologize and ask forgiveness from anyone, including your darling. Your couple will never last long! Knowing that you are both human, you are bound to make mistakes at some point… And inevitably hurt the other, even unintentionally. It is therefore essential that you know how to ask for forgiveness, and grant yours to be able to move forward! Forgiveness is one of the keys to happiness, never forget it!


7/ A true good partner will be able to bring out the best in you

The right partner will be able to bring out the best in you… He/she will not try to change you and transform you by modeling yourself in the image he/she would like to have of you.

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If you love your partner, and vice versa, you will pull each other up. And the days, weeks, months, years spent together will only improve you! Because you will have at heart to give the best of yourself and to surpass yourself on a daily basis for you, your partner, your couple.

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