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Ludmilla launches documentary series about Rock in Rio show
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Without a doubt, the show that singer Ludmilla performed at the biggest music festival in the world, Rock in Rio, was a turning point in her career. Acclaimed by the public and especially by the national media, Ludmilla's show was considered one of the best shows and performance in the festival's history by Roberto Medina, the creator of Rock in Rio.

The singer's performance attracted thousands of fans, including anonymous and famous people, who during the show, which lasted just over an hour, danced and sang all the hits with different rhythms that are part of Ludmilla's repertoire.

In addition to the images that were shown during the official broadcast of the show, those behind the stage and backstage were also recorded and all these moments will be brought together in a documentary series available on TikTok, with many behind-the-scenes scenes, just the way we love.


Through an official note Ludmilla declared, “I wanted that show to represent my ten years of career and for everyone in the audience to connect with at least one piece of my story. It was amazing! It was a lot of work, but it was magical, I just knew how to feel and live that moment. It was as if I had walked and gone through everything I went through, to be there.”

Announcement of live on TikTok (Reproduction/Instagram/TikTok)

The idea of ​​this project and of transforming all these behind-the-scenes recordings of the show into a series was Ludmilla's own. The singer was involved in every detail of the construction process for her important show at the festival.

“There wasn’t a ballet pirouette, a chord, a light from the show that didn’t pass through my accompaniment. I dedicated all my efforts to make this unique moment happen. It had to have my face in every detail”said Ludmilla.

In a note, the singer also said, “I’m very excited to be able to put this material on the air soon and see this further step being taken. I'm very happy to be able to share this work with the entire TikTok audience, it's going to be a very special live! Producing this show was a completely different experience than anything else, there was a lot of dedication from everyone and I needed to share this with my fans, with the world and leave everything on record. It’s a milestone in my career”she concluded.


Are you curious or curious and want to watch this series? We will give you all the information. The documentary was shown in full yesterday (20), via a live broadcast on Ludmilla's official TikTok profile at 8pm, Brasília time. It lost? No problem, it will be re-aired today (21st) at 3pm. After the reissue, the series will be available on TikTok, divided into four episodes.

Featured photo: Ludmilla at Rock in Rio – Reproduction/Instagram/Ludmilla


Ludmilla launches documentary series about Rock in Rio show

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Ludmilla launches documentary series about Rock in Rio show

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