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Don’t you want your marriage to stand the test of time?

Wondering why your marriage is on the rocks?

Here are simple tips to make your marriage stronger than ever.

Make Your Marriage Stronger Than Ever

Marriage is no walk in the park. But if you follow these 13 tips, you’ll improve your marriage and your happiness.


Marriage Tip #1 – Talk about the days when you first met.

And I don’t mean that in a negative way… like, for example, don’t say things like… “Remember when we used to hold hands? Why don’t we do THAT anymore.”

Instead, express it in a way that evokes positive memories inside your spouse’s mind. Talk about the amazing first date that you had, where it was, what you ate, and how they looked.

Talk about the road trip you took up island where you camped under the stars by the lake. Make an effort to remember something SPECIFIC about your spouse… for example, mention what they were wearing, the smile on their face, or how incredibly excited you were to be with them.

Marriage Tip #2 – Give your partner some much needed self-love time.

This is especially important if you’re the overbearing type. Letting your spouse hang with their friends, pursue passions and hobbies that they love, and spending time with their family alone will only fuel their desire to spend time with you.


Marriage Tip #3 – Bond with their friends.

Your spouse should be the most important person in your life… and because of that, you should try your best to have in interest in the people they love.

While you don’t have to be best mates with your spouse’s friends, it does help that you get along with them as much as possible.

Once your partner sees you putting in the effort, they’re going to put in the effort to get along with your friends and family as well. It’s a win-win!

Make Your Marriage Stronger

Make Your Marriage Stronger Than Ever

Marriage Tip #4 – Use the power of TOUCH.

Even if you cringe at the idea of showing public displays of affection, do your best to suck it up and show your partner that you enjoy feeling their touch.

Put in an effort to kiss each other randomly, hold their hand, give them massages, and cuddle with them.

Physical contact will not only bring both of you closer together, but it also aids in the production of ‘feel good’ hormones as well. So don’t be surprised that your spouse is happier and “more in love” after a solid cuddle session!

Marriage Tip #5 – Ask your spouse what they need.

If they need more affection from you, work on that. If they need to spend more time on work, let them do that. If they want to spend time with you, make sure you work them in no matter what.

Sometimes just asking your spouse what they need is all that’s needed to tackle the underlying problems that might be plaguing your marriage… so don’t be afraid to directly ask your spouse for EXACTLY what they need.


Marriage Tip #6 – Accept your partner’s flaws.

Nobody is perfect… and you know, more than ANYONE, that your partner isn’t perfect either. And that’s okay. You have to learn to tolerate your spouse’s shortcomings because if you don’t, you will grow resentful of them.

To combat this, acknowledge that you aren’t perfect either and that your spouse is also accepting of your flaws. And that’s what’s beautiful about marriage – loving each other despite your may flaws!

If the flaw is so big that you simply can’t ignore it, then make sure you politely and openly address this with them and see if anything can be worked again. Again, don’t be afraid to directly communicate to your spouse how you feel.

Make Your Marriage Stronger

Make Your Marriage Stronger Than Ever

Marriage Tip #7 – Turn conflicts into moments of strength.

Every marriage has its moments of conflict. It’s inevitable. And if you DON’T know how to handle these conflicts, they can drive a massive wedge in between you and your spouse. Knowing EXACTLY how to handle these conflicts is not only crucial for your marriage, but it can actually even IMPROVE your marriage.

Marriage Tip #8 – Be playful and use humour

Injecting some laughter into your marriage is absolutely necessary. It’s okay to fool around (and make a fool of yourself) with your spouse… laughing from time to time is one of the best ways to bring both of you closer to each other.


Marriage Tip #9 – Remember to just listen to your spouse.

Marriage is all about teamwork… and it’s about helping one another through difficult problems in life.

And listening to your spouse during times of distress is one of the most powerful things you can do. You don’t even have to offer solutions to your spouse either – sometimes, they’re just looking to vent to you.

Listening to your spouse and empathizing with him or her can help them feel like you’re on their team and fighting towards a common goal.

Marriage Tip #10 – Do something nice for one of their family members.

When you married your spouse, you also became part of their family.


And caring for your spouse’s family is a way to show your partner that you’re all part of the same tribe… and this can bring you much closer with your spouse.

By doing something nice for them, you’ll be able to force a sense of community and togetherness that will enforce the foundations of your marriage. And doing this doesn’t have to be difficult.

It could be something as simple as texting something like, “Hope you’re doing well! Let me know if you need anything.” This text only takes seconds to send but it can work WONDERS. Try it out.

Marriage Tip #11 – Talk each other up in front of other people.

If you’re in a group of friends or family, say something complimentary about your spouse.


This shows your partner that you are proud to call them yours… and in turn, they will feel much closer together with you. It will also make the group like YOU even more… so again, it’s another win-win.

Marriage Tip #12 – Just think about your spouse more.

Allocate some time to make your spouse happy every single day. Think about little gestures that can go a long way.

For example, if you know your spouse loves coffee… make sure you brew a cup for them and bring it to them.

If they love flowers, go pick some for them. Is reading their thing? Buy them a book that they might like. These acts of unprompted kindness won’t go unnoticed.


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