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Post-bariatric procedures: curiosities and recommendations

Bariatric surgery represents a milestone in the lives of many patients who struggle with severe obesity. This procedure is not just a medical intervention, but a starting point for a new phase of life, marked by significant physical and psychological transformations. However, the transformation does not end with surgery; Post-operative care and subsequent care are equally crucial to ensuring long-term success and an improved quality of life.

After bariatric surgery, the patient goes through a recovery that demands meticulous care, significant lifestyle changes and an ongoing commitment to health. Initially, the diet goes through several phases, starting with liquids and gradually moving to solids, requiring special attention to nutrition and hydration. Nutritional supplementation becomes essential to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to the reduced capacity for ingestion and absorption of nutrients.


Regular medical follow-up is vital for monitoring recovery and weight loss progress. Professionals such as surgeons, nutritionists and psychologists play fundamental roles in this process. Additionally, physical activity, introduced gradually, is essential for sustaining weight loss and promoting overall well-being.

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Representation of the bariatric procedure (Photo: reproduction/disclosure)

Aesthetic and restorative transformations

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Luíz Anízio Wanna, highlights that, with significant weight loss, many patients find themselves faced with excess skin and changes in body shape, which can affect self-esteem and physical comfort. This is where aesthetic and reparative surgical procedures come into play, offering solutions to these issues.

1. Abdominoplasty and lifting total body: remove excess skin and firm the contour of the abdomen and other affected areas, respectively.


two. Mammoplasty: adjustment of breast volume, whether by reduction or increase, to harmonize with the new body contour.

3. Lifting of arms and thighs: focus on removing loose skin and improving the contour of these specific areas.

4. Liposuction: assists in the removal of localized fat deposits, complementing weight loss.

5. Lifting face and neck: address facial and cervical sagging, rejuvenating the patient's appearance.


When to Consider Additional Procedures

Dr. Luíz Anízio Wanna explains that the decision to perform aesthetic or reparative procedures after bariatric surgery must be carefully considered. Weight stability is a critical factor, usually achieved 12 to 18 months after surgery when the patient's weight stabilizes. General health and complete recovery from bariatric surgery are essential prerequisites, as is a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine readiness for further surgical interventions.

Post-operative care and the possibility of subsequent aesthetic and reparative procedures are fundamental steps to achieving the best possible results. The goal is to support our patients every step of the way, ensuring not only effective weight loss, but also improving their quality of life and long-term well-being.”, concludes Dr. Luíz Anízio Wanna.


Dr. Luiz Anízio Wanna – CRM 74.219

Dr. Luíz Anízio Wanna (Photo: reproduction/disclosure)

Instagram: @drluizaniziowanna

Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, founding partner of the Wanna Institute, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Vassouras (RJ). He has a Surgical Emergency and Traffic Examiner Medical Course. Work in hospitals such as: Stella Maris de Guarulhos (SP), Instituto de Pesquisa Médico Científica de São Bernardo do Campo (SP), Hospital Regional Dr. Vivaldo Martins Simões – Osasco (SP) and others, in addition to participating in national courses and symposiums and international.

Featured photo: female body (Reproduction/disclosure)


Post-bariatric procedures: curiosities and recommendations

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