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20 reasons why his feelings have disappeared
To find out how to get back feelings you get your first course have caused more

There are, of course, many reasons why men lose their feelings for their wives or girlfriends. We hereby give you the 20 most common:

he has problems at work
he has financial problems
he has a friend who has a problem that he cannot solve
he doesn’t know how to solve your problems
he sees you unhappy and doesn’t know how to make you happy
he is afraid to commit to you (also read this article:
you claim him too much
he can’t see his friends anymore
you show no interest in his hobbies
he put a lot of energy and time into you, but he felt he received too little attention and appreciation in return

Feelings Just Vanished

you give him too little confirmation that he is good the way he is
you’ve gone from a cheerful woman to a gloomy depressed gray mouse
you no longer pay attention to your clothes and you don’t like sexy lingerie
you are simply not nice to him and do not give him enough compliments
you assume that he has to get things (because you don’t think it makes sense if he doesn’t)
you expect things from him that he cannot deliver
you refuse to have sex with him, so he doesn’t get a chance to show his love for you male
he told you he had doubts about the relationship and you immediately made a drama of it
You show insecure behavior time and time again and hardly ever respond positively to his compliments
you don’t praise him for doing something he’s proud of
And there are many other causes where his feelings have disappeared

Leaving a narcissistic pervert #love #couple



This summary is not intended to address your feelings of guilt, but it is necessary that you critically examine yourself what a possible cause (or causes) could be. It can be with him or with you, or maybe with both

But you know what could be the cause, let’s focus on the question posed by many other women “how does he get feelings for me again”


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