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Sex is a two-way street, you already know that. Yet it is sometimes damn difficult to estimate exactly what she wants in bed. Of course that differs from woman to woman, but there are a number of universal needs. These are the 7 things (sex tips) she wants in bed. Above all, take advantage of it.

7 dead simple sex tips
Mutual pleasure
You come, she comes. Point. Sex is something the two of you enjoy together, not just you. It is therefore worthy of your full focus. Not all women come easy, but don’t let that put you off.

Be safe
Are you still in the early stages of your relationship? Then do it safely. Using a condom is better for both of you. Respect what she wants and don’t pressure her – this will only ruin the atmosphere.

Clean sheets
Not only because they creak so well, but also because fresh sheets are much more inviting and attractive for her. In any case, make sure your bed is made when she arrives in the bedroom.

Not necessarily during sex, but at other times. Confide in her, tell her what you like and ask her what she likes as well. She appreciates that anyway and the sex can only get better.

The little love attentions that make us so happy

Not every man is a fan of elaborate foreplay, but women usually take a little more to get them in the mood. Explore her body and pamper her whether she’s reaching her peak or not.


Real sex
And by that we mean: no porn practices. Women sometimes want it wild and rough, but you don’t mirror what you see in porn. It is not reality. No woman groans when you cum all over her face and yes, you know enough about female anatomy not to ‘accidentally mistake holes’. Do you want to go a little more extreme? Then discuss this with her.

Yes, you are tired, and yes, it is because you tried so hard for her. But don’t abruptly end your lovemaking now. Give her a hug before falling asleep and show her your affection. Afterplay is what makes a good lovemaking a great lovemaking.

More sex tips
These seven tips are definitely going to help you between the sheets, but more help is always better. Especially if it comes from a professional. We strongly recommend that you also read these sex tips from a high-end call girl

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