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having sex tonight, In a healthy mood, we go to the gym before we hit the bed together. And that while sex is very healthy and good for your body. We collected 12 good reasons to have sex tonight.

  1. Sex keeps your weight up
    Why would you torture yourself every week on that weird vibration plate when you could burn 200 calories with a nice lovemaking? Sex provides stronger muscles, more flexibility and more condition. Moreover, you are guided by your own ‘personal trainer’, isn’t that a nice idea?
  2. Sex relieves pain
    We wrote about the pain-relieving effect of sex on Why Sex Is Healthy . Sex can help with headaches and menstrual cramps. It also relieves back pain and other ailments. This is because the pain threshold during sex, especially in women, is greatly increased.
  3. Sex helps reduce stress
    Sex makes you feel less tense. It doesn’t matter whether you have sex with yourself or someone else, the released hormones provide feelings of warmth and relaxation. What could be better than to relax with your love after a hard day?

12 reasons to have sex tonight

12 reasons to have sex tonight

Sex strengthens your immune system
People who are sexually active get sick less often. Sex strengthens your body’s natural immune system, making it easier to ward off viruses and other nasty things.

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  1. Sex is good for your heart!
    Yes, there is more than omega 5 butter. Sex is good for your heart! All physical activity ensures that your heart and blood vessels flush. Moreover, sex lowers your cholesterol and thus helps prevent unpleasant things like heart attacks.

Sex increases your self-confidence and your intimacy
When you regularly have sex in a steady relationship, it creates more intimacy and connection. It can give your relationship a nice boost because you have more for each other thanks to all the hormones. This warmth and intimacy also ensures a growing self-confidence !

Sex helps you sleep better
Sex (and masturbation too) helps you to sleep well. On the one hand because of the physical effort you put into it (you can be quite exhausted after a good sex session). On the other hand, because of hormones released after orgasm. You end up in a wonderful intoxication, after which you can easily fall asleep.

  1. Sex keeps you young and vital
    When you have an active sex life you feel younger and you will also radiate this. Because you are loved by your partner at your most vulnerable moments, you feel attractive so that people will also experience you as more attractive!
  2. Sex makes you happier
    Are you in a bit of a dip? Have you had a bad day at work? Then sex can offer a solution. Because countless substances are released during sex, you immediately feel a lot better and happier after orgasm!
  3. Sex helps you live longer!
    A relationship has been shown between the number of orgasms a person has and the risk of that person dying. It turns out that men who orgasm at least twice a week are much less likely to die than men who only cum once a month.
  4. Sex lowers the risk of breast cancer
    According to a study, there appears to be a link between the increase in sexual activity and the decrease in breast cancer.
  5. Sex causes a chain reaction of good things
    Research shows that sexual activity in men lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Moreover, sex makes women more fertile, and there are dozens more positive effects that sex has on your physical functions.
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Sex is healthy!
As you can see, sex in a steady relationship is healthy for both you and your relationship. Your body responds positively to sexual activity and it can make your relationship more intimate and deep. So consider swapping an evening at the gym for an evening of enjoying each other! For more fun sex facts, read one of our articles below or check out the booklet below for more sex fun!

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