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misconceptions about romantic relationships

Whether you are in a relationship or not, we know all these 8 myths about romantic relationships! Sometimes, some are so ingrained in our brains that we can be surprised to make them truthful and believe them hard as iron! Today we are here to break these myths! Break these images ideally designed to reassure us when it would be more effective to ask better questions! Here we go!

1) The saying: Who looks alike comes together

Although it is important to have hobbies, the same vision of the future and common tastes within the couple to be able to share more things together that we both love, it is also necessary not to end up with a total carbon copy of ourselves. Thus, you will keep a certain part of uniqueness in your couple and you will continue to have things to learn from from the other. (misconceptions about romantic relationships)

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Best question to ask: Do we have the same values (e.g. family, loyalty, surpassing oneself, freedom, money, creativity,…)? If you don’t know your values, you can always do a test to know them or just ask yourself: What are the points in my life that I will never let go of and that I can fight for?


2) When you love each other, there is always passion

The passion in the couple always ends up fading one day or another to give way to intimacy and a more intimate life for two and without taboos or superfluous. It is an obligatory stage through which the couple passes and it is important to welcome them as it should be and without regrets of the old days.

It’s a new start for two, a new stage, and a new way of loving! It is also important to maintain passion and desire, to remain attentive and attentive for better shared moments and a better understanding within the couple! It’s up to you to be creative!

3) When you really love each other, you don’t argue (misconceptions about romantic relationships)

All couples argue! Even your youtubers, instagrammers or celebrities are arguing! If this happens to you in your relationship, know that it is a normal or even essential step for the good evolution of the couple, yourself or your darling! On the other hand, it is essential that your disagreements remain respectful, without insults, without violence, without hurtful words and without humiliation or domination! When a couple quarrels, it means something.

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This can be due to an unsaid, which can unfortunately make the argument more virulent because the person does not know how to detach himself from his violent emotion and resents his partner a lot, while he could express it calmly … But it requires a real work on oneself and on the control of one’s emotions.


Best question to ask: Why do I feel angry? Would my partner have flouted one of my values or something that is very close to my heart? Don’t I feel listened to enough? Are my needs not sufficiently respected by my partner?

4) Children allow access to happiness as a couple

A child is neither an object nor a means to achieve happiness. If you are not happy, you will not be happy with it any more! Far too many couples have children without really thinking about what it entails and even before knowing each other well before! Children, once it is done it is for life and the bond you will have with the father and mother also because of this fact! We do not make a child to repair a couple, legitimize it or consolidate it… (misconceptions about romantic relationships)

A child must be desired as a couple and come from the fruit of a great shared happiness! Selfishness has no place when designing a child and ask yourself if he would be happy to live in the environment you offer him (love, family,…). Also, it’s not because you don’t want children in your relationship, that it’s screwed or that you don’t love each other.

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There are plenty of couples without children who love themselves more and in a healthier way than couples with 5 children under their arms! Live your love in your own way as you do so well every day, cross out the phrases that society wants to instill in us, and enjoy!


5) A couple who love each other shares absolutely everything

Some have the unfortunate tendency to believe that when we love each other, we must share everything, tell each other everything and be constantly together. Here you have all the ingredients for a superb break or a great cable floor gratin with herbs! 

It is more than necessary, it is even VITAL to spend time alone to recharge your batteries, advance towards your own projects, practice your hobbies and what makes you happy! (misconceptions about romantic relationships)

So if you are emotionally dependent ,and you have trouble being happy without your partner, go out, treat yourself, do things that you like but let him live his life! There is nothing better than an independent person who lives his life and does things to move towards his dreams to better find himself and feel more desire! And know that a person who can not be happy without his partner, is a real problem (both for him and for the couple) and moreover is less attractive! Because indeed, what we are looking for is a person who is already happy alone who with us, will be happier and fulfilled!

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6) To be happy as a couple, you don’t need a routine (misconceptions about romantic relationships)

Do not confuse routine and boredom! Boredom within the couple can indeed harm your couple, while routine is something important in the couple! You will see, you may even surprise yourself to appreciate it! Routine allows you to create cement in your relationship, to enjoy moments of relaxation that belong only to you, to forge your couple, to appreciate you at your true value, to share intimate or futile moments that you love!


It is interesting to see that following a breakup, what we miss the most is precisely this routine! These little moments of everyday life, these little habits that have made our couple a pretty love nest! While it’s important to do things on the side together, share new things, and date, routine isn’t to be banned!

7) Marriage is the beginning of the end

A marriage is the union between two beings from a civil and sometimes religious point of view. You have duties towards each other and especially during difficult times in life (serious illness,…). The marriage well decided in advance strengthens the love and allows the couple to commit to a life together for a new beginning. (misconceptions about romantic relationships)

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Whether you get married or not, know in any case that it is not and will never be the reason for the end of the passion in your couple! Be responsible for your choices, do not blame marriage (it did nothing to you the poor) and act with conviction, love and respect.

8) The saying: Opposites attract

Although we can find love in a person radically different from us, and it can be nice to discover new things, the fact remains that it is important that there are common bases for the couple to last over time! The same vision of the future as well as common values are essential elements for the good understanding of the couple!


I hope you enjoyed this article and helped you to leave these myths to focus on much better questions in your relationship and in your life.


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