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prove that you are not satisfied in your relationship

It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the opposition phase of the couple ,and the fact that you are simply not satisfied in your relationship. The two can be relatively similar: fewer candlelit dinners, fewer kisses, hugs…

In short, magic! To help you differentiate the two, here are 10 things that prove that you are not satisfied in your relationship:

1/ You live together, but you don’t see much of yourself

You may live in the same apartment, the same house, but you rarely spend time in the same room! If your last shared breakfast, or your last sofa TV session was a long time ago, ask yourself questions!


It is by doing things together, even small ones, that you have created your connection. And increasing distance on a daily basis is never a good sign in a #relationship.

2/ You take your meals in silence

Being able to understand each other without having to talk is the sign of a healthy and complicit relationship! But if each of your meals is accompanied by an icy silence… This means that you have nothing more to say to yourself, and that’s never a good sign!

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3/ You forget to ask questions about your sweetheart’s day

And vice versa! If you regularly forget to wonder how your respective days went, it may be a sign that you are less invested in your relationship than you might think. An oversight happens to everyone, but if it happens repeatedly, ask yourself questions. (prove that you are not satisfied in your #relationship)

4/ You no longer listen to yourself during your arguments

It’s not always easy to listen to your partner, especially during a conflict! But lately, you’ve seen a tendency to stick to your positions, and, stubborn as donkeys, repeat the same things over and over again, rather than seeking compromise.


5/ You keep making plans that don’t involve your partner

Is it the weekend? Or a day off is on the tip of his nose? You immediately start imagining what you could do, alone or with your friends. But never with your darling… If you constantly put your #partner aside, it may be that the company of others seems more pleasant to you, a sign that you are less satisfied than before in your relationship. (prove that you are not satisfied in your relationship)

6/ You make a fixates on someone else

Is your attention constantly focused on a friend, instead of your love? Do you spend more time talking with her than with your partner? This is a sign that you are missing something in your current relationship. And that you are looking to fill that gap with someone else

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7/ You don’t stop checking your phone

Everyone can be a little addicted to their phone, it is unfortunately a contemporary phenomenon. But if you do not stop consulting this one, especially during the moments spent with your darling, instead of being there for him / her . In addition to being hyper rude, it’s especially time to take stock of your relationship!

8/ You never argue (prove that you are not satisfied in your relationship)

A relationship without arguments is the dream… But it’s simply impossible! It’s healthy to argue (occasionally!) within a couple. And if you constantly avoid conflict, it may be a sign that you no longer attach so much importance to your relationship, that you don’t care about its evolution.


9/ You no longer show any sign of affection

No more kisses and hugs repeatedly? Signs of affection are a sign of a healthy relationship, so their absence is a real alarm signal for the couple! This often indicates that something has changed emotionally in one or both of you. (prove that you are not satisfied in your relationship)

10/ Your partner frequently goes out without you

And you don’t care. Of course, it is normal to go beyond the fusional stage of the couple, to go out and have activities without you sharing them with your darling.

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But if one of you starts spending more and more time outdoors, repetitively. This may be a sign that unconsciously, he/she does not want to spend time with you


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