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Sons Of Valhalla: An Epic Journey
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Sounds Of Valhalla is a pixel-art odyssey, where strategy and action meet in an almost poetic frenzy. Get some of the tactical hustle from Chrono Triggeradd the frenzy of a Streets of Rage, and you begin to capture the essence of this vibrant title. And also don't forget the wonderful Kingdomwhich was certainly the inspiration for this title here…

And make no mistake, this isn't your typical Viking adventure; is a fast-paced war with roguelite elements that will test both your wits and dexterity.

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Development History of Sons of Valhalla

Sounds of Valhalla is a strategy and action game inspired by Norse mythology, developed by Pixel Chest. The project started as a small idea to combine elements of base building and Viking combat.


During development, the team faced technical and creative challenges, but persisted in creating an immersive experience that honored Viking culture.

Gameplay Breakdown: The Art of War and Management

At the heart of the gameplay Sounds Of Valhalla, is Thorald's ability to not only fight, but also manage resources and troops. Each battle is a balancing act between being a warrior and a commander.

You'll find yourself constantly making critical decisions, whether it's positioning your troops in shield wall formations, choosing the right time to attack, or managing resources to strengthen your bases.

Deep Strategy with a Roguelite Flavor

The introduction of the roguelite element—sacrificing an upgrade rune with each kill—adds a significant layer of tactical depth. Each defeat teaches a new strategy, forcing players to adapt and evolve.


This mechanic makes each attempt to advance through the game feel fresh and challenging, evoking the kind of strategic planning seen in Final Fantasy Tacticsbut with the high stakes and constant pressure found in modern action titles.

A Captivating Visual and Auditory Experience

Visually, the game is a delight. The pixel-art graphics are meticulously drawn, evoking nostalgia while impressing with their modern detail. The animations are fluid and impactful, each blow and spell is an explosion of color that makes each battle feel like a dynamic work of art.

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The soundtrack, with its epic melodies, not only complements the action, but elevates every moment of the game, ensuring that the adventure is as exciting aurally as it is visually.


The Difficulty of the Stealth Section: A Controversial Detour

However, the stealth section that interrupts the game's pacing is a point of contention. The attempt to diversify the gameplay by introducing a stealth-based phase ends up feeling more like an obstacle than a valid addition.

At this point, the game tries something new, but perhaps the execution isn't up to the creativity of the idea. Rather than a welcome break from the non-stop action, this section can feel like a brake on the momentum built up thus far.

Conclusion: A Titan of Modern Tactical Games

Despite its challenges, Sounds Of Valhalla is an easy recommendation for any fan of RPG and strategy games. It's a robust mix of action and strategy that manages to keep you engaged from start to finish. Even with the deviation from the stealth section, the game does an excellent job of weaving a captivating narrative, immersing players in a world that is both brutal and beautifully realized.

If you're looking for an experience that challenges both your tactical skills and your quick reactions, Sounds Of Valhalla It deserves a place in your game library. Now, raise your ax and prepare to step into legend!



  • Vibrant Pixel-Art Graphics: Every frame is a visual delight, with details and animations that combine nostalgia with a modern twist.
  • Engaging Tac-and-Slash Action: Dynamic, fluid combat that keeps players on the edge of their seats.
  • Strategic Depth with Roguelite Elements: The rune sacrifice mechanic adds a significant tactical layer, encouraging adaptation and growth.
  • Epic Soundtrack: Epic compositions amplify the emotion of every battle and moment in the game.
  • Tactical Diversity in Units: The variety of units and the need for strategic resource management add depth to the gameplay.
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  • Frustrating Stealth Section: An attempt to diversify the gameplay that ends up interrupting the rhythm and reducing immersion.
  • Complexity of Troop Command: Although generally effective, the command system can occasionally be inaccurate, especially at critical moments.
  • Lack of Challenge in the Final Stages: The game tends to become easier as it progresses, especially when the main character becomes overly powerful.

Rating: 8.5/10.0

Sounds Of Valhalla Masterfully combines action and strategy, creating a captivating experience that is both a challenge and a visual delight. Despite some flaws in terms of pacing and execution of new ideas, the game is a worthy addition to the genre and a true testament to the developers' ability to create something unique and engaging.

Sons Of Valhalla: An Epic Journey

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Sons Of Valhalla: An Epic Journey

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