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Super League involves politics

Britain’s Prime Minister Johnson seeks legal action to prevent the creation of the “Super League” announced by European football clubs, while criticized for trying to keep other clubs out and monopolize profits He said, “Super League” has become a big controversy involving politics.

The football “Super League” was announced on the 18th of this month after 12 strong clubs from three European countries, including Manchester United in the English Premier League and Real Madrid in the Spanish Premier League, have agreed to create it.

According to the announcement, by playing more high-quality games compared to the “Champions League” that UEFA = European Football Federation aims to expand, it is possible to return big profits to the soccer world where the business environment is harsh due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I will.

However, fans have criticized the announcement for trying to keep other clubs out and monopolize their profits.

In addition, British Prime Minister Johnson touched on the issue at a meeting on the 20th, saying, “Is it really right to create a cartel that hinders the competition of clubs that make fans all over the country enthusiastic? We will seek legal measures if necessary.” He showed the idea of ​​blocking it by all means.

The Spanish government also issued a statement saying, “We are ignoring the intentions of representative organizations at home and abroad and will not support it as a government.”

The creation of the “Super League,” which is said to be a crisis of division in the European soccer world, has become a major controversy involving politics.

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Super League
Super League

Governments show opposition

European governments have expressed a series of opposition to the creation of the “Super League”.

The Spanish government said in a statement, “Ignore the intentions of representative organizations at home and abroad and do not support it as a government. We should proceed with dialogue to find a solution that fans, athletes and related organizations can agree on.” ..


Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi also opposes the “Super League”, saying that he “fully supports the position of the Italian and European football federations to maintain the social role of domestic competitions and sports.”

In addition, the French presidential office, which has no clubs from within the country, opposes the establishment, saying, “We pay tribute to the attitude of French clubs not to participate in the FIFA. It threatens the principle of solidarity and the strengths of sports.” It is said that it supports FIFA = FIFA.

In addition, EU-European Union Vice-Chairman Skinas also posted on Twitter that “we must protect the European sports model based on diversity”, expressing our opposition to the creation.




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