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Super League Sponsors: win win as Barcelona got support from a large US bank.

Barcelona received help from the sponsor of the European Super League project. Goldman Sachs, an investment bank from the United States, provided an injection of funds to Barcelona.

On Tuesday (18/5/2021) Goldman Sachs granted Barcelona’s loan application. The amount is not small, namely 500 million euros, equivalent to Rp.8.74 trillion.

With this new loan, Barcelona’s debt has now increased to 1.173 billion euros. The 750 million euros are short term and must be paid in full immediately.


1. Additional breath for Barcelona (Super League Sponsors)

hat value is enough for Barcelona to breathe longer. At least, until they can recover in the financial crisis that has hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, Barcelona’s new management under Joan Laporta has a legacy of heavy debt. In fact, you could say that Barcelona is in danger of going bankrupt with debts inherited from Josep Maria Bartomeu.

“We can breathe a sigh of relief for a while because the club’s stability can be maintained for this season and next. We have also thought about the worst case scenario, the fans will not be able to come to the stadium next season. But, with this injection of money, we can be more calm,” explained one. club sources quoted L’Esportiu .

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2. Light payment method

Super League Sponsors

Goldman Sachs loans are big. However, the payment method that was set up was reportedly so easy.

It is not clear what the scheme looks like. However, this could be related to the amount of interest charged by Goldman Sachs to Barcelona.


3. Not a fee for renovating the Camp Nou (Super League Sponsors)

Super League Sponsors
Super League Sponsors

This loan, it was reported, was not part of the process of raising funds to carry out the renovation of Camp Nou.

The project can only be carried out if Barcelona’s finances are fully recovered after being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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