The 3 essential keys to seduction for a woman

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seduction for a woman

Believe it or not, when it comes to seducing a man, each of us has the power to attract and keep a man.

For this, you have to know how to delicately awaken the interest of the other, the desire to see you again, the desire to continue and to build a relationship.

How will Love Intelligence enable you to acquire the key behaviors of seduction?

Thanks to 5 major steps, our coaches will help you discover the 3 essential keys for a woman and the procedure to follow for all the key seductive behaviors that enhance you… while remaining yourself.

seduction for a woman

seduction for a woman

Reveal your power of seduction – the 5 steps:


Initiation stage  :

  • Interactive exercises that allow you to understand what are YOUR own strengths of seduction.
  • Relevant advice illustrated with examples to make your personality, your singularity, the strong point of your seduction. Being able to develop assets that resemble you: your “being seductive” is the fundamental key to seducing the man you like. This guide allows you to find in you, what is the most attractive, for the other

Step 2  : Once your own strengths of seduction have been identified, Love Intelligence explains how to highlight them, while remaining natural.

Step 3  : How do you give yourself access to healthy and effective seduction without make-up? What are the differences between a woman in full possession of her seduction and the others?

seduction for a woman

Step 4  : Seducing does not mean playing a role that is not yours! Learn how seduction does not lie in tricks, but in a new look at you and your relationships with men. Even learn to smile at your imperfections to better know how to play them and thus to please by assuming who you are.

Step 5 Practice: You now hold the keys to an informed seductress. Also know how to invite the other to seduce you in turn.

With these 5 steps you are ready to apply the three keys to seduction!

seduction for a woman

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seduction for a woman

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