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The lack of communication in a couple

It is not uncommon for communication problems in the couple to take over. The mistake is to deny the obvious by pretending that everything is fine. A situation cannot be improved if we do not put in place areas for improvement. Communication is VITAL and must become a healthy habit in a couple. 

A problem does not evaporate over time, during the holidays or during a romantic evening. You have to learn to speak and communicate to move forward on the same path of life. Any lack of communication in a couple will lead to the end of the latter.



Why is there often a lack of communication in a couple?

Because we have the feeling that we still have to make efforts to still talk about the same things. After a day of work and head-catching with files and colleagues not nice: we want to be quiet and especially not to take the lead. So we prefer to say: yes – even if we think: No. We will keep quiet instead of talking and take a dose of frustration that will require us to go out sooner or later. So we tell ourselves that if we talk we risk being judged or hurt because the communication risks turning into a horror film. By dint of misunderstandings – we become hard of hearing: we no longer communicate and we end up getting lost.

There is also the feeling of having to repeat over and over again the same words that will be misunderstood over and over again. The other does not understand our needs and our lacks … we get involved, we accept and we accumulate frustration again and again. You end up thinking that the other person doesn’t want to understand or make an effort. And in the end, We abdicate because nothing ever changes … we accept … we give up and we tell ourselves that finally: our life is not so bad! If you are in this situation: it is time to act and change! Life is not a renunciation but an opening to happiness.

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The lack of communication in a couple

To communicate well in a couple you have to feel comfortable

If you want there to be communication in the couple, you must feel comfortable. You need to feel that you are recognized and heard in your similarities and differences. Both sides must be able to express themselves freely without fear of judgment. A climate of trust must therefore be created, otherwise communication can never take place. To achieve this, both partners must be able to show empathy and kindness. You have to get into each other’s sneakers to understand what they’re feeling.

The mistake is to see things through one’s own prism, and therefore limit the understanding of the other. When things are not going well, we will tend to put everything in one basket. This error may cause you to lose your footing in understanding the situation.


I advise you to ask yourself the following questions: (The lack of communication in a couple)

  • What could I improve in my relationship in terms of communication?
  • Am I expressing myself badly?
  • How could I make myself understood?
  • Do I listen to my partner?
  • Do I tend to see only the negative when we talk together?
  • Can I be myself? Do I feel like I’m playing a role?

These kinds of questions will help you know where you stand in your relationship. It is important to find YOU and not correspond to an ideal that would be far from your aspirations. If you feel like you’re living together, it’s a sign that something is wrong and that you have to change the situation.

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Why communication in a couple is essential?

It is healthy to express your anger and fears to succeed in departing from the surplus of negative emotions that inhabit us. If you don’t, you may reach a point of no return. By dint of not expressing one’s opinion, one represses and one buries one’s… Communication is the basis of all human relationships. You have to understand and accept that you are two different entities that create a third entity which is the “couple”.

The lack of communication in a couple: 8 mistakes not to commit

  1. Accusing the other by telling him: that he thinks only of him (her)/ that you know what he (she) is going to say / that it’s always the same …. By doing so, you cut short any communication
  2. Say ‘you’: you acted badly / you are at fault / you don’t listen to me. You will antagonize your partner who will feel that he (she) has all the wrongs.
  3. Assume that the other is wrong
  4. Positioning oneself as a victim and pointing the other as an executioner
  5. Do not open up to the other by trying to understand it.
  6. Don’t question yourself
  1. Blaming the other
  2. Interpreting the other’s words rather than actually understanding them

To remedy the lack of communication in a couple we must manage to make a clean sweep of everything that disturbs us and the hassles of everyday life. To do so, I advise you to plan a romantic evening during which you will be able to express yourself. Getting out of your daily life will be more conducive to openness and understanding. Plan to regularly take stock of the situation in order to evolve together.

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