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The phenomenon that is revolutionizing relationships in Brazil

In the last two years there has been a 280% growth in Google searches on the topic “non-monogamy” in Brazil. The country is only behind Australia and Canada in the Google Trends ranking. Among the main questions are:What is non-monogamy?“, “What is non-monogamous pansexual?” It is “How to accept a non-monogamous relationship?“.

According to Juliana Braz Dias, a professor at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Brasília (Unb), monogamy is a form of marital arrangement linked to cultural heritage, just like the Christian values ​​propagated by religion. While Antônio Pilão, coordinator of the Research Group Politics, Affects and Non-Monogamous Sexualities at the University of São Paulo (USP), defines it as a way of organizing family and economic life around two people, that is, the centralization intimate coexistence and all monetary issues involving exclusively between two individuals.


Polyamory and other demons (Photo: reproduction/Manuel Cabrera/

Therefore, non-monogamy is the “decentralization”, the denial, the refusal or, the break in common agreement, of the sexual and affective exclusivity, of the control – the monetary question, is not well defined. Supporters of the non-monogamous relationship talk about the abdication of the idea of ​​“possession” of the other, the desire to get involved with other people – which must be respected -, good communication, mutual trust, “partnership“, and pre-established (combined) agreements.

Among the various forms of relationship where sexual and affective exclusivity are not requirements are: the open relationship, polyamory, polygamy and swing:

The open relationship and the swing only involve sexual freedom, where relationships with other people are allowed, however, without affection – this should still be restricted to the couple. While in polyamory and polygamy, everything is free: sex and love, in these ways, bonds are created.


Polyamory comprises several people relating, sexually and lovingly, at the same time, or a couple relationship – usually the oldest involving legal or financial issues – and other secondary ones. In polygamy, usually, a person has several relationships, affective commitments. Swing is all about sex: changing partners, couples, and group sex.

Non-monogamous relationships (Photo: reproduction/Psicologiay mente)

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But it’s hard for any of these types of relationships to work if there isn’t great communication between those involved and setting boundaries. Even so, no relationship is free of tensions and conflicts, according to professor Juliana Braz Dias, as well as the manifestation of oppressions already known in monogamous relationships: machismo, racism, ageism and ableism

When it comes to practical, legal issues, not much is known yet, after all, Brazilian legislation only recognizes monogamy as a form of marriage, with bigamy, for example, considered a crime provided for in art. 235 of the Penal Code. However, in the city of Tupã, the first polyaffective relationship was recognized in 2012, invalidated in 2018 by the prohibition by the National Council of Justice (CNJ) of registering such unions in a notary.


In this way, children resulting from these non-monogamous relationships are helpless before the law when it comes to acknowledging paternity or maternity, inheritance, and practical day-to-day issues. A fact that will make it very difficult for the so-called Generation Z (young people aged 18 to 25) who are declaring more and more supporters of these types of relationships.

Featured Photo: Non-monogamy. Reproduction/Amente and Wonderful.


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The phenomenon that is revolutionizing relationships in Brazil

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