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The Plastic Surgeon who breaks barriers and inspires through social networks

In the age of selfies, Instagram and the relentless pursuit of aesthetic perfection, a professional who goes beyond the scalpel and challenges conventional medical standards has stood out. We are talking about the renowned doctor Dr. Jonas Lima (@jonasmed), a figure who has revolutionized the field of plastic surgery and gained thousands of followers on social media.

Dr. Jonas Lima is a renowned plastic surgeon whose career is marked by notable achievements. With medical residency at UNICAMP and USP in São Paulo, he acquired solid knowledge and experience in the area. Additionally, Dr. Jonas had the privilege of working as an assistant physician at the prestigious Hospital das Clínicas and as a professor at the Federal University of Tocantins, where he shared his knowledge with future generations of physicians. His expertise is recognized by the medical society, being a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. This title is not granted to any professional, requiring proof of skills and in-depth knowledge in the area.


In addition to his academic accomplishments, Dr. Jonas also stands out for his expertise in Platforme Inmode – Bodytite and Morpheus. This revolutionary new technology is used in the treatment of sagging, which may or may not be associated with plastic surgery, such as liposuction. With this innovative approach, Dr. Jonas provides his patients with remarkable results, combining safety and efficacy to achieve the best aesthetic results.

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His social media presence as a digital influencer allows him to share his knowledge about this advanced technology and other aesthetic procedures in an accessible and understandable way for the general public. Dr. Jonas Lima is a reference in the area, both for his vast technical knowledge and for his ability to convey complex information in a clear and engaging way. This dedication to medical excellence, coupled with his ethical and responsible approach, make him a trusted choice for those looking to improve their appearance and self-confidence.

But anyone who thinks he (@jonasmed) is just an ordinary plastic surgeon is wrong. He transcends the boundaries of the profession and becomes a true digital influencer, using his knowledge to educate and inform the public about aesthetic procedures, always with care and responsibility. With a strong presence on social media, Dr. Jonas shares valuable tips on beauty, self-esteem and health, showing that plastic surgery goes far beyond vanity. His followers have access to exclusive content, from information on different types of procedures to pre- and post-operative care tips.

However what really sets Dr. Jonas is his credibility. He bases his publications on years of study and practical experience, always supported by up-to-date scientific research. His ability to communicate complex information in a clear and accessible way makes his followers feel safe and confident in his recommendations.


Additionally, Dr. Jonas (@jonasmed) is not limited to just publicizing his work, he seeks to promote a broader view of beauty and self-acceptance. His posts encourage his followers to love themselves and value their individuality, remembering that plastic surgery is just a tool to enhance each person’s natural beauty.

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Dr. Jonas Lima have generated extraordinary results. He conquered a legion of followers and satisfied patients, who find him a reliable and genuinely human professional. The trajectory of Dr. Jonas is a living testament that it is possible to reconcile medical excellence and digital influence, without ever giving up the seriousness and responsibility that the profession demands.

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The Plastic Surgeon who breaks barriers and inspires through social networks

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