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Uber car insurance – SeguroAuto
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Those who work as app drivers have even more reasons to have good car insurance. In this article, we'll talk about Uber car insurance: how it works, how to get it and more, follow along.

Uber is a rental car service, available through its own Smartphone application that arrived in Brazil in 2014, in the country's main capitals and which, little by little, gained space and became common for many people.


Currently, this service is part of the routine of many Brazilians, both those who use it to get around and those who use it to earn money.

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If you are part of the second group, you know that, in addition to taking special care with the presentation of your vehicle, it is essential to have Uber car insurance to protect you.

Find out here the differences between taxi services and Uber and choose the best one 😉

This is precisely what we will talk about in this article, after all, not everyone yet knows how to take out Uber car insurance, what coverage is available and how this service works.

Uber car insurance

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Understand the importance of Uber car insurance

As mentioned, Uber is a private transport service where anyone who has a car, within the requirements, can register and become an Uber driver.

In addition to requirements related to the vehicle, such as air conditioning, for example, the company also requires the driver to take out passenger personal accident insurance (APP), with coverage for cases of death or disability with a minimum value of R$50,000 per person.

However, relying solely on this mandatory protection is not very interesting for those who work in this field.


After all, the driver never knows for sure where he will be driving, which can expose him to more risks.

Every day, all drivers are exposed to risks involving accidents or issues such as theft and theft, and with Uber drivers this risk can be even greater, which is why insurance for app drivers is essential.

How to get Uber car insurance

You already know that APP – Passenger Personal Accident insurance, with a minimum coverage of R$50,000, is mandatory, however, there are other types of insurance that, despite not being mandatory, can be very important for Uber drivers.

One of them is RCF – Optional Civil Liability, or as it is also known, third-party insurance.


This coverage can be used if the insured crashes into another car and causes material or physical damage to the other driver.

In addition to this coverage, it is worth taking out comprehensive insurance, also known as complete coverage, where situations such as collision, theft, fire and others are covered and partial or total compensation is offered.

To take out Uber car insurance, the first step is to choose the coverage and get quotes.

Always remember to mention during the quote that the vehicle will be used for commercial purposes.


This detail directly influences the price.

There are many insurance companies that accept this type of vehicle, so don't be afraid to provide this information at the time of the quote.

And don't even think about lying about it, because if you do and suffer a collision and the insurance company discovers that you work as an Uber, you will lose your right to contracted coverage.

But if you already have an insured vehicle and want to become an Uber service provider, you can do so without any problems.


In this case, you will need to inform your insurer of changes regarding the use of the car so that in the future you will not have difficulty receiving compensation and to include the necessary coverage.

Tips for getting good Uber car insurance

  1. Count on an insurance broker

The first and most important tip for taking out good Uber car insurance is to enlist the help of a specialized insurance broker.

This professional, in addition to making the entire quote process simpler and more agile, can also help a lot whenever you need to claim insurance.

  1. Have safety equipment in the vehicle

It may seem silly, but believe me, installing a car tracker in your vehicle will make taking out Uber car insurance simpler and cheaper.

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A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

After all, it is much more interesting for insurers to accept vehicles that, if stolen, have a greater chance of being found.

  1. Hire only the essentials

A good way to count on a quality service is by customizing the coverage contracted.

Practically all insurance companies allow their customers to purchase only the coverage that is interesting to them.


Therefore, be careful when choosing coverage for your car.

  1. Consider 24-hour assistance

24-hour assistance offers services such as locksmith, towing, dry or mechanical breakdown assistance and much more.

Therefore, it is worth having this coverage, even if the insurance becomes a little more expensive because of it.

  1. Do not waive coverage for lost profits

There are many additional coverages that most insurance companies offer, among them, one of the most important for an Uber driver is Loss of Profits.

With it, the driver guarantees compensation equivalent to the days of work lost, whenever the vehicle suffers an accident and cannot be driven.

  1. Also consider a spare car

This is another option for those who are Uber drivers and do not want to be left stranded if the vehicle needs to be parked in a workshop to be repaired.

Backup car coverage provides the insured with a rental car for a period of up to 30 days.


Now that you know a little more about Uber car insurance and have followed some tips for getting good coverage for your vehicle, it will be much simpler to guarantee the protection of your asset while making money from it.

Remember that, if you want to work transporting passengers through city streets, you need to have car insurance that offers options that protect not only the vehicle, but also the people inside and outside them.

The best way to find ideal protection is to request a quote and check which options are best for your case.

Don't know how to use the Uber app yet? Let me help you!


Uber car insurance – SeguroAuto

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Uber car insurance – SeguroAuto


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Uber car insurance – SeguroAuto

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