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What to do when you are bored as a couple? Well, it is true that getting bored as a couple is a rather bad sign… But it is normal sometimes not to know what to do together, to let yourself be won over by a routine too marked, and especially to always do the same things.

So if you don’t want this to happen in your couple and you want to renew your activities together, here is a list of 50 ideas of activities to do together to have fun, relax and have a good time both.

What to do when you are bored as a couple?

Your evenings follow one another and are similar? Your days of rest and weekends are just a repetition of a well-oiled routine? TV set, races, sport each on your own, evening with friends? In the long run, it annoys you and you have the impression that your couple falls into a kind of weariness that is repeated every week. 

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Do you want to renew your activities as a couple? To spend quality time together, not to repeat the same occupations over and over again? And above all, not to see the time pass, to have fun, to enjoy one another, to feel good in your couple.


For this, here is a list with 50 ideas of activities to do as a couple to get out of this feeling of boredom. Simple, romantic, funny, cuddly, sporty, playful, cultural… It’s up to you to choose the ideal activity idea(s) for your couple!


What to do when you are bored as a couple

50 ideas of activities to do when you are bored as a couple

  1. Taking a bath in love
  2. Let off steam during a homemade karaoke party
  3. Having fun at board games
  4. Make couple games: on paper, with little or nothing, Who of us two, I never…
  5. Play hide-and-seek in a department store
  6. Make an Action or Truth
  7. Schedule your future weekend
  8. Make a party in disguise
  9. Prepare brunch
  10. Book your next vacation
  11. Embarking on a deco/DIY workshop
  12. Sort your papers
  13. Gardening
  14. Go for a walk in the fresh air (What to do when you are bored as a couple)
  15. Going out for a picnic
  16. Shopping for two
  17. Take a hike
  18. Embarking on a TV marathon (series, trilogy)
  19. Create your bucket list
  20. Walking in the forest with the picking of daffodils, thrush, or collecting mushrooms
  21. Wash the car: water battle or s.e.x.y version
  22. Write your list of couple projects
  23. Making a lucky jar
  24. Have an aperitif on your balcony/terrace/in your garden
  25. Make a sweet word box
  26. Cooking together
  27. Challenging yourself during a home sports session
  28. Go jogging
  29. Visit a museum or exhibition
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things for couples to do at home when bored

  1. Repaint your room
  2. Going to the movies
  3. Take villainous nap
  4. Organize a dinner or evening with friends
  5. Go to the pool
  6. Volunteering
  7. Admire the sunset together
  8. Making funny selfies
  9. Create a common blog (couple photos, cooking recipes, trips, decoration …)
  10. Massaging each other
  11. Sort your clothes together
  12. Embarking on a big “spring” cleaning
  13. Read a book for two (What to do when you are bored as a couple)
  14. Do a yoga or meditation session
  15. Sleeping under the stars
  16. Organize a couple photo shoot
  17. Make a photo album of your couple, paper or digital
  18. Organize a treasure hunt at home with pledges
  19. Learning a foreign language together
  20. Watch cartoons from your childhood
  21. Create a music playlist

What to do when you are bored as a couple

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