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habits that people who divorce have in common

Each person being unique, it is easy to say that each couple relationship is also unique. Although we often find the same patterns. This is also the case with divorces: we find many commonalities among couples who do not work. So what are the 10 habits that people who divorce have in common? That is what we are going to see today.


10 habits that people who divorce have in common

I know I repeat it in many articles but love is not enough to maintain a couple relationship. It also requires effort, listening, communication, respect… I advise you on this subject to read our 10 commandments of a happy couple.


Divorce is always a difficult decision to make, and a brutal decision to suffer when we are not at the origin of it. But it is nevertheless better to know how to take the lead rather than to stay in a couple for the wrong reasons.

1/ Couples who divorce do not argue… Or more

I know, this may seem strange to you. Still, couples who do not argue are not only weird but above all, unhealthy. Indeed, disputes make it possible to manage frustrations, to analyze situations that were deregrating, to take a step back on our way of acting.

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Not arguing can be a sign that one of the two partners – if not both – has thrown in the towel and thinks there is nothing left to be gained from the relationship. The death of the couple begins with the death of communication and therefore, disputes.

2/ They make things personal (habits that people who divorce have in common)

As we have just seen, arguing occasionally is something very healthy in a relationship! But be aware that if things become personal or really nasty during your arguments, then your relationship may not last very long.


Indeed, if the argument goes from “I don’t like the way you act or say things” to “I don’t love you”,the arguments will become more and more toxic. And will be able to sign the end of the relationship.

3/ Couples who divorce have unattainable expectations

Many couples marry with unreasonable expectations. Some think it will be a panacea for all the problems they had when they made “dates”, while others think that after exchanging alliances, that’s it.

What I mean by this is that many couples get married at a time when passion is in full swing. except that… After the wedding, after the purchase of a house, a car, the children… They realize that they have fallen into a routine and are bored. Because they didn’t know how to hold the flame. They married with high expectations but never tried to work to achieve them.

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And this can lead to a very sudden awakening. (habits that people who divorce have in common)


4/ Their privacy in bed is far from a priority

Some couples, once married (or after a long life together), no longer take the time to desire the other. They collapse on the couch on their way home, watching debilitated people on TV. Forgetting that there is a person near them.

They forget to hug each other, to look each other in the eyes, to take showers together, to have different intimate relationships, in unusual places… Everything they liked at the beginning of their relationship finally.

If you forget this privacy, this lack of physical connection will cost your couple dearly.

5/ They stop trying (habits that people who divorce have in common)

The fact that things have become official does not mean “ok it’s good, it’s done, we’re not married, ciao bye bye”. This would be like getting the job of your dreams and then doing nothing again once you’ve got it.


You now owe the effort throughout your life if you really want your wedding to work! Who said the couple was a long, quiet river?

6/ They have resentments

It is impossible to have a healthy marriage if one of the two partners has resentments. And yet, it happens in many couples! If you feel contempt or frustration towards your partner, it does not bode well!

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7/ They no longer communicate (habits that people who divorce have in common)

With communication, 90% of torque problems can be solved! To do this, we must learn to express ourselves openly and sincerely about our desires and expectations. We must not allow our frustrations to take over and create an insurmountable distance because of all the unspoken.

Couples who no longer listen to each other, who no longer communicate, are entitled to divorce.


8/ They don’t trust each other

The basis in a couple is trust. If your relationship doesn’t have these solid foundations, it will get complicated from year to year. If one of the partners is jealous, possessive, that despite the marriage and the commitment that this implies, trust does not reign… Then divorce will eventually come.

9/ They are immature

If one of the partners is immature, that is, he committed without knowing what it really meant, then your marriage will hardly be sustainable.

Both partners must listen, dialogue and, above all, have a keen mind that their relationship works. If only one of the two partners takes all the effort on its back, it can never work in the long term.

10/ They take themselves for granted

The worst mistake there is and yet, a lot of couples make it! How many emails do I receive a day from men and women telling me that they regret. That their partner has left them and that they realize only then how strong their love was. And how they have not been able to make the necessary efforts… Too late.


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