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opposition phase in your relationship, You were living the perfect love, and suddenly, things don’t seem as rosy as before? Your fusional phase is probably fading, giving way to the opposition phase. But do not panic, if this phase is not easy to overcome, with a lot of love and communication (essential for the couple! We can never say it enough! #Communicate so as not to let your couple get caught up!) you’ll get there.

In the meantime, to be fixed, here are 10 signs that prove that you are in the opposition phase in your relationship:

1/ He/she has changed

You have the unpleasant feeling of no longer recognizing him/her; he/she is no longer as kind, as caring, as helpful, as tactile, as in love, in short, more perfect than before!

2/ He/she takes distance (opposition phase in your #relationship)

He/she would rather go out with his or her friends than stay and spend an evening one-on-one with you. Or he/she stays at work late at night, and no longer takes the initiative to concoct small romantic outings. And you have this unpleasant feeling of spending less and less time just the two of you.


3/ He/she opposes you (opposition phase in your relationship)

He/she no longer agrees with every sentence, no longer constantly agrees. Certainly he / she was not always (and fortunately!), but here, it seems that he or she does it on purpose to have a contrary opinion every time.

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4/ He/she constantly points out what’s wrong

Yes you know, all these famous divergences and defects of the other remained so far in the shadows! From now on, your darling sees only that, and his speech is less and less positive.

5/ The first real disputes

You’ve been arguing before… But never like that, never so strong, never so far, and the usual delicious reconciliations under the duvet are only a distant memory!

6/ The other no longer seems to understand us

You no longer understand it, or at least you have the unpleasant impression that the other person can no longer understand you at all. Previously, however, you heard yourself perfectly, without even saying anything! (opposition phase in your relationship)


7/ Frustrations, doubts invade you

His attitude leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth, and you start to ask yourself a lot of questions; does he/she still #love me? Do I still love it? Is he/she cheating on me?

8/ You have the feeling of experiencing disillusionment

You even have this ugly impression of having been fooled by the merchandise! And don’t understand why he/she behaves this way now.

9/ You become nostalgic (opposition phase in your relationship)

Long gone are the days when he/she brought you breakfast in bed… You keep remembering the passionate phase of your relationship that you loved so much, and which now seems an unattainable ideal.

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10/ Communication problem

All these problems, you feel them, and you are sure that it is the same for your partner! And however you do not manage to take the time to talk about it, he/ she / you seem to run away (voluntarily or not) this discussion, yet essential to restore a climate of trust, love and mutual respect! (opposition phase in your relationship)


So courage, and get started, with tact, and diplomacy, you will manage to overcome these unpleasant moments be sure!

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