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Ways to Keep Your Body Scented Even Without Perfume

Dense activity and often in the outdoor area can cause the body to emit an unpleasant smell. Sweat, vehicle smoke pollution, to mixed street dust can make the body feel sticky and smelly, thus reducing your confidence. Especially if the people around you start to show a erst feel for you.

Unfortunately, bathing and using deodorant alone is not enough. You might be able to spray perfume to disguise it. Unfortunately, for some people, perfume can actually irritate the skin. Well, to keep the body fresh

Even if you are in an air-conditioned room or just at home all day, you should still take regular showers twice a day. Bacteria and dirt that accumulate in the skin will mix with sweat so as to trigger an unpleasant smell. In addition, bacteria that live on the skin will spread faster and multiply. It is best to clean with a soft sponge on the folded area and dry the body before wearing clothes so that it does not moisten and trigger the growth of fungi.


More Ways to Keep Your Body Scented Even Without Perfume

Shaving underarm hair will not reduce the amount of sweat production, but routinely doing so can avoid the absorption of odors. Excessive hair can be a place of bacterial growth that tends to cause unpleasant odors. In addition, dense hair will also slow down the evaporation process so that it becomes more moist. Well Bela, apparently shaving armpit hair regularly is not only to perfect the appearance is not it?

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Although at first glance it is almost similar, in fact these two products have different uses. Antiperspirant makes you do not sweat, while deodorant serves to reduce the cause of odor in sweat. Antiperspirant works by clogging and covering sweat with a strong astringent. This material keeps your armpits dry, comfortable, and keeps you from sweating. While deodorant helps to mask odors caused by bacteria and does not interfere with the natural cooling process. You can use which ones you think are more comfortable.

When the temperature around the body soars, the skin will produce oil and stick to the clothes you wear. Not only do we get wet stains on the underarm area, sweat mixed with alcohol in deodorant can also leave stains on our clothes! It’s a good idea to wear light clothing made from natural fabrics to help your skin breathe. Choose cotton, linen, or light wool that absorbs moisture and makes air circulation smoother.

It’s not just sweat and dust that stick to the skin, in fact the food we consume can affect our body odor. Choose foods rich in fiber such as vegetables that serve as a natural detox in cleaning the inside of your body. However, you should also avoid foods that contain sulfur such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli that can cause odors.


That’s the way to keep the body scented even without perfume. Hope the article is useful

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