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Answer your questions about the tracker with insurance
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Have you ever heard of an insurance tracker? This tracker combines two services in one, that is, traditional insurance to cover accidents, robberies, thefts and third-party coverage, along with remote tracking of the location of the car, truck, truck, etc.

It is a service that has numerous advantages for anyone who owns a vehicle, but that many people are still unaware of. Therefore, we decided to answer some possible questions that may arise in your head when it comes to trackers with insurance. Check out!


How does a vehicle tracker work?

These trackers are typically separated into two main categories.

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GPS trackers, which use the signal from satellites to track the vehicle, are more or less similar to the model used in smartphones. Its range is great, but the signal ends up not being as reliable, making it difficult to locate in cases of theft.

The other category is radio frequency tracking, which, as the name suggests, uses radio waves. Even though this is more accurate and can obtain a signal even in closed spaces, its coverage only reaches a specific location.

What are the advantages of the tracker with insurance?

Check out the main benefits of purchasing a tracker with insurance below.


Real-time monitoring

Certain tracker models can allow the entire location of this vehicle to be monitored in real time.

This possibility is very useful for shipping companies, for example, who need to manage deliveries to meet deadlines for their customers.

Furthermore, this technology can detect any possible change in the planned route, and this can result in an alert signal in the monitoring center.

In other cases, drivers or representatives of that company have to call the center and ask for the location of this vehicle and, in this way, report any problem.


Crime prevention

Cars or trucks that have stickers stating that they have the tracker with insurance will now be less observed by criminals.

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After all, if they decide to act, they will know the risks of that action ending up going completely wrong, thanks to this remote location technology.

Greater chance of finding the vehicle

One of the great benefits of having an insured tracker is precisely the advantage of making it easier to investigate the whereabouts of a car or truck in cases of robbery or theft.

With more accurate information, police officers can act quickly and, therefore, ensure that the vehicle is returned.


Cheapest cost of insurance

As the statistics regarding the reunion of vehicles with trackers are favorable, it is common for these corresponding insurance policies to have a lower value.

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According to estimates, more than 1.5 million vehicles in the country use some type of tracking device. By the way, it is worth mentioning that drivers can contract both services separately or together, that is, the tracker as well as the insurance.


However, as has already been shown, it is much more affordable for the consumer to purchase the tracker with insurance.

Does insurance sold together with the tracker only protect against theft and theft?

This is false information. The most common thing to see in the market in the partnership between tracker companies and insurance companies is this condition, a tracker that ends up offering slightly simpler insurance with a certain fixed value.

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However, there is no rule to determine that it needs to be done this way, so much so that nowadays there is greater flexibility in the coverage that is being added.

As this ends up varying from one company to another, it is necessary to check the conditions of each one individually.


Is a tracker enough to protect the car?

No, it's not. The vehicle tracker's sole function is to locate the car after theft or theft.

But it cannot protect the owner from other problems, nor compensate for the losses that were suffered.

A tracker with insurance, on the other hand, can protect the vehicle against various incidents and also reimburse the consumer for their losses.

These coverages typically include fire, a collision, lightning strikes and a variety of other issues.


There are two types of compensation that insurance provides. The first of these is known as partial, and it works to repair this vehicle.

Its value is only sufficient for repairs that do not cost more than 75% of its market value.

Full compensation, on the other hand, covers losses exceeding 75% of the value of that car.

It pays, for example, after a huge collision, and when that car is stolen and not recovered.


So, were you able to answer your questions about trackers with insurance? If you have any more, send a comment!

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Answer your questions about the tracker with insurance

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Answer your questions about the tracker with insurance


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Answer your questions about the tracker with insurance

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