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Atlético-GO wins Sport with a thrilling 3-1 score and extends undefeated streak

In a very busy game, with four goals in the first half, Atlético-GO emerged victorious by defeating Sport by 3-1 on Friday night, for the 17th round of Série B. O Dragão scored with Gustavo Coutinho, on two occasions, and Shaylon, returning to winning ways after the departure of coach Alberto Valentim. Edinho scored the goal of honor for Leão da Ilha at the Antônio Accioly stadium, in Goiânia.

With this victory, Atlético-GO extended its unbeaten streak to six games and climbed to eighth place in the table, adding 26 points. In turn, Sport occupies third place with 32 points, but can be overtaken and fall to fourth position. The two teams will return to the field on Wednesday: Dragão will face Mirassol at Antônio Accioly at 7 pm, while Leão will receive Vitória at Ilha do Retiro at 9:30 pm.


The result represented a setback for Sport, which sought to maintain its position at the top of the table. Atlético-GO, on the other hand, demonstrated its strength and continues to rise in the competition, consolidating itself as a serious competitor in the search for access. The next round will be crucial for both teams, who need to rehabilitate themselves and seek the three points to remain firm in their goals in Série B.

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First time

The first stage of the game was electrifying, with three goals being scored in an interval of less than 15 minutes. Atlético-GO was the first to score, with a goal by Gustavo Coutinho. However, Sport did not take long to react and tied the game with a goal by Edinho. Shortly after, goalkeeper Renan fouled Luiz Fernando inside the area, resulting in a penalty in favor of Atlético-GO. Coutinho took responsibility and converted the penalty, putting the Dragon in advantage again. In the 39th minute, Shaylon extended the advantage of the hosts, scoring the third goal of the match.

This frantic period in the first half brought a lot of emotion to the confrontation, with the teams showing great effectiveness in finishing. Atlético-GO demonstrated their ability to take advantage of opportunities and gained a significant advantage on the scoreboard. Sport, in turn, struggled to stay in the match, but faced difficulties in its defense.


Sport scored and reduced the opponent’s advantage (Photo: Reproduction/@sportrecife/Instagram)

Second time

In the second stage, the pace of the game decreased compared to the first half, but the match remained interesting. Sport took control of the offensive actions, desperately looking to score, but struggled to be effective in finishing. Goalkeeper Ronaldo, from Atlético-GO, got little work done, as Sport’s attacks were not enough to require important defenses.

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Meanwhile, Atlético-GO adopted a more defensive posture, managing the advantage gained in the first half. The team limited its offensive drives and focused on maintaining defensive solidity. The situation became even more favorable for Dragão when the steering wheel Ítalo, from Sport, received a straight red card in the 34th minute. The player was expelled due to a hard tackle on Matheus Sales, making the Lion’s task even more complicated.


With one player less, Sport found it difficult to create clear goalscoring opportunities and put pressure on Atlético-GO. The visiting team tried to reverse the adverse situation, but ran into the opponent’s defensive organization.

In the end, Atlético-GO managed to manage the advantage gained in the first half and secured the 3-1 victory. Sport, in turn, will have to deal with the defeat and seek to correct its mistakes to resume the path of victories in the next matches. The confrontation, although with less emotion than in the first stage, showed Atlético-GO’s determination and solidity in maintaining the leadership and guaranteeing the three points at home.

Featured photo: Atletico-GO wins an important victory for the championship sequence. Playback/@agcoficial/Instagram


Atlético-GO wins Sport with a thrilling 3-1 score and extends undefeated streak

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