I Spoke Out Of Anger After Bandits Killed My Family, Rustled 15 Cows –70-year-old Man Arrested For Insulting President Buhari

Bandits Killed

Bandits Killed

A 70-year-old man, Lawal Izala, arrested for allegedly insulting President Muhammadu Buhari, has said that he spoke out of anger when he visited his village and found out that bandits had killed his family members and rustled 15 of his cows.

The police had on Thursday paraded Izala and two others for insulting President Buhari and Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina State in a viral video.

He said, “I was coming back from my village where my 15 cattle were rustled and my family members killed. I was passing by when I was asked about how life was going on for me.

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Bandits Killed

Bandits Killed

“Then I said, our leaders, Buhari and Masari have failed us. I then threw insults out of anger from my agony. I did not even know I was being recorded on video.

“I was just saying my mind with all honesty. It was after the video went viral that I was arrested by the police. I was accused of committing a crime under Penal Code.”

SaharaReporters gathered that many communities in Katsina State have been sacked by gunmen, who killed wantonly and roamed around with audacity in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, the trio have remained in police custody without an option of bail.

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  1. Mr president please forgive him

  2. What rubbish , since when did this rubbish start..
    The man spoked in anger because it can be anybody.
    The police don’t even know their job again.
    They only attend to irrelevant cases..
    You think arresting the man will solve the problem , he will continue insulting the president

  3. Bright ease u temper

  4. Una da call unaself

  5. Ihe ọ bụla ndị gị

  6. Ndị mmadụ kwesịrị ịhapụ nwoke ahụ

  7. Wait first they arrest the mwn why na

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  16. But that not fair ooo

  17. Ọgbọn mẹsan

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  19. Nke iri atọ na asaa

  20. Nke iri atọ na isii

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  30. They no suppose arrest am

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  37. they should free the man.

  38. Nke iri atọ na anọ

  39. Ọgbọn mẹrin

  40. iri abụọ na isii

  41. iri ise na abụọ

  42. Is this the first man to insult our president, this is outrageous

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