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Being bound but not attached

Have you ever heard of the Sioux legend? The oldest peoples, such as the Amerindians, have long known the secret that we still seek today: the secret of true love. What if we have forgotten what a relationship really means? The answer is given to us thanks to the knowledge inherited from the Sioux.

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A Sioux legend that reveals true love to you: (Being bound but not attached)

Legend has it that two young lovers who had just started their relationship approached the village shaman for advice. Would there be spells to make this love last forever?


As a practical exercise, the shaman asked the young men to climb the hills on their own. The young man had to catch an eagle and the young woman a falcon and then find herself later. That’s what they did. After three days, the two young lovers introduced themselves to the shaman with two beautiful restless birds who were eager to fly.

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– And now, what do we do with these birds? – Asked the young lovers.

Love binds but does not bind (Being bound but not attached)

The shaman asked them to tie a rope so that the birds would be joined by one of the legs. So that they are always together.

Then he tells them to fly away. But they could not. Indeed, the birds could not fly because they were tied by the legs and all they managed to do was fight to try to escape from each other.


The young watched with amazement at the behavior of the attached birds and they did not need a spell to understand that the only way to keep love forever is to fly without ties. Because love binds, but it does not bind.

Knowledge implicit in Sioux legends

It is worth realizing that what makes people so lost and skeptical of love is this sense of attachment to the meaning of “imprisonment.” Yet love can be eternal. The Sioux know it, the legends know it, and we should know it.

What does love need to be true? (Being bound but not attached)

Of course, not all love is eternal and not all love is true. For it to be so, it must have the basis of freedom. Two people who decide to fly together but without chaining each other. Flying and dreaming, shaking hands and sometimes letting go to have your own space, your moments of solitude, your friends, your hobbies…..not everything is shared in this flight.

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The goal is to make a happy couple, to enjoy intensely a true and eternal love. And for this, you do not have to give up your own essence, never forget it.


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